Full Circle

Preamble: I’m just going to nudge back in here like I didn’t just disappear for a month, so just.. be cool, okay? I figure I can commit to writing at least every two weeks right? And then nobody’s expectations are too high and I don’t feel a sense of failure. Ok? Great. End preamble.

Remember when we first moved in with my dad and I cleaned out the medicine cabinet and Daddy freaked out and took stuff out of the garbage?

Last night, Saint Tom said he was throwing away some expired ibuprofen and I fought him on it because “Expired Advil isn’t going to hurt you. It’s just a scam by big pharma.” And he was all, “It’s not a scam; they’re looking out for your well-being.” (Aw, but…)


Anyway, I let it go. But this morning, I saw the box in the garbage and it was the liqui-gel kind! In case you don’t know, liqui-gel capsules are amazing and work way faster than tabs and I pay a premium for them.

So, obviously, I *considered* pulling the box out of the garbage. And literally the only thing that stopped me was the knowledge that I was in the same bathroom where I had previously argued with my dad for pulling crap out of the garbage, as if you can’t just buy new band-aids.

I left the ibuprofen in the garbage, with the comforting thought that I can afford to buy new liqui-gels. Although, now that I think about it, I will probably just buy the crappy Target brand regular pills because they’re way cheaper.

I don’t know what the moral is here:

Am I learning from my dad’s mistakes?
Am I doomed to repeat them?

Full Disclosure: I’m Wearing Maternity Clothes

Full Disclosure is a series in which I admit to things that I shouldn’t be ashamed of, but am anyway. (Today I’m maybe not as embarrassed as I should be.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m definitely not pregnant. Not trying. I must emphasize this because people never seem to believe newly-married people when they say they’re waiting to have kids. But I think the fact that my husband is going back to school full time for the next two years gives me a pass.

Anyway, two days ago my 8-months pregnant BFF showed up in NYC for a conference. Naturally, I was super excited and ran to meet her right after work. We had a super-fun girly night (falafels + cupcakes + Netflix) and I decided to crash at her hotel with her.

You get what happened next. I had to go to work and had to borrow clothes from her. Maternity clothes. Specifically, leggings, a wrap dress, and a long cardigan. To my surprise, they didn’t look that bad. And to my delight, they were the most comfortable thing ever. After dinner, I noticed that the elastic panel in the leggings was expanding to accommodate my turkey burger, rather than restrict me.

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Jill, Not Jillian

Right off the bat, everyone assumes my name is Jillian. (It’s not.)

When I was a kid, I told my mom that I found out she’d named me wrong: Jill is just supposed to be a nickname for Jillian. But my mom has always maintained that Jill is the traditional name and Jillian is something that just burst out of the 80′s like hair accessories at the infamous Arlington Scrunchy Factory Explosion.

Now, thanks to this historical name website, I can assert to my husband and all my other skeptical friends: my mom was (pretty much) right. And Jill is a real name.



And now I just have to deal with the fact that, as a name, Jill is going extinct. I’ve always had a fear of my name being the new ‘Gertrude’.

Play with that website and let me know what you get. It’s fun.

My Web Series Premiere!

Hi Guys,

So, I feel all this pressure to write something amazing since I haven’t written anything in so long, which makes me put off writing anything, which adds to the pressure, etc.

So, to remove the pressure entirely, I am purposely not writing anything amazing. Take that, loyal followers.

I can’t possibly update you on everything I haven’t updated you on because I don’t even know. But let’s just start with this:

The web series that my super best friend Amanda and I conceived of about a year ago is finally online.

I’m pretty proud of our little project. We are also going to work on additional episodes this coming spring.

Here’s episode 1 and, if you’re so inclined, you can click on through to the next episodes.

Thanks for watching. You’re the wind beneath my wings!

Ten Years Ago Today

I just realized that my passport expired. I took it out this morning, flipped it open, and the first stamp I saw was from Heathrow and dated:

25  JAN  2004

Ten years ago today, I realized, I started my semester abroad in England.
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Happy New Year! (And Stuff.)

Hi Guys (if anyone is still reading this!)

I feel rusty; I don’t know how to start.

Well, I warned you that I’d be taking a break until after the new year. Of course, I didn’t really know that it was going to be such a complete and utter break. I haven’t even responded to comments or read any blogs in over a month.

AND, because of my total-and-complete-slacking, I didn’t realize that I had let this domain expire, like an idiot – oopsy. So, sorry if you tried to come here during that brief period.

Anyway… I’m back, sort of. I don’t know, I feel weird. Truth be told, I’ve been stressed and a little depressed. Dealing with work stuff and health stuff. As once quoth Rachel from friends, “I feel blue…”

And what was her friends’ solution to this problem (which was related to Ross getting married; I’m so glad my memory cells are not being wasted on anything useless)? Their solution was this:
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Happy Holidays!

“Christmas decorations already? But Halloween just ended!” Most people I know, including myself, have been saying this every year for the last decade or so.

In college, I didn’t look forward to the holidays because I hated to leave Binghamton for an entire month (Go Bearcats). Plus, there was still residual awkwardness from my parents’ divorce, and I would watch It’s A Wonderful Life and cry because my life would never be that perfect.

Well, we’ve come a long way since then. I now have a happily divorced family and a pretty perfect husband of my own. So, let’s bring on the holidays. Red Starbucks cups on November 1st? Of course! What took you so long?

In lieu of a card, please accept this photo of Tom, Amy, and me from this "Elf Yourself" video my mom made five years ago

In lieu of a card, please accept this screengrab of Tom, Amy, and me from an “Elf Yourself” video my mom made five years ago

So, that’s the first reason I’m writing this post. To come out and admit that I am already in the Christmas spirit.

And the second is to say that I will be closing up shop around here for the holiday season.

Studio audience: Awwwwwww!

Sad, I know. It’ll be ok.

My day job is demanding more of my time, which creates more stress, causing me to also have to focus on my health. So, at least until the new year, I will be focusing on:

- Day job (sustenance);

- Cleaning my house* (happy place);

- Self care (sleeping, taking care of stomach issues, moisturizing, there might be vision-boarding involved, and I may even try eating right and exercising but let’s not get too crazy);

- Also wedding thank you cards, because it’s been a year and a half since my wedding. I’m the worst.

*Oh yeah! Tom and I are back at Daddy’s again, thus restoring the premise of this blog. I will try to save up some good stories to unleash in the new year.

Anyway, during this time, my creative pursuits, the things that truly give me joy, must take a back seat. Including:

- This blog (unless I get some crazy inspiration that cannot be contained);

- Bocce Ballers (although I will have to do some work on post-production and perk-fulfillment for donors);

- Improv classes (although I still have practice group); and

- Fun (anything involving me leaving Long Island on the weekends, or staying out past 8:30 on weeknights). Sacrifice.

I’m going to miss interacting with you, my blog friends, although I’ve already been slacking off lately.

Just do me a favor and come back when I make my triumphant return?

Web Series Funding Complete (Sort Of)!

Ok, sorry I went MIA again. I’ve got a lot to update you on, which I’ll have to parcel out. But I feel obliged to update you on the web series first, since that’s what I’ve been posting a lot about lately.

As you may recall, we were crowd funding with a target of $25,000.

Well, we ended up raising……….. a total of………….. drumroll [Read more...]

News Flash: Weekends Are Awesome

I have had so much fun stuff going on that I want to share but I’ve just been too busy. But to summarize, in case you thought something might have changed: weekends are still awesome.

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Exciting Web Series Update!

Ahhh! I’m so excited! For about six months and nine days, Amanda and I have been working on our web series, Bocce Ballers (and for about six months and eight days, you have been reading about it.)

Finally, we are launching our fundraising campaign! Please check it out, share, and consider donating: igg.me/at/bocce-ballers

Also on our indiegogo page, you can view our amazing and awesome trailer and finally see what we’ve been up to all this time!

oh, the awkwardness. can't wait.

oh, the awkwardness. can’t wait.

Thank you all for your interest and support and I can’t wait until you get to see the full series! :D

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