Sad Face! Happy Face!

Ack! My blog looks weird with no posts on it.

Well, guys. In case you haven’t guessed based on the fact that I’m no longer writing this blog: I’m no longer writing this blog.

This has been super fun for me and I have been introduced to some really cool bloggers that I will continue to follow.

And I have gotten the chance to practice writing and clarify my voice.

But, I’m done. The sad news is that I don’t have time to write anymore. But the good news is that I don’t have time to write anymore because I have lots of other exciting things happening – both with my full time career and in the fantasy world that is independent TV production.

Amanda and I have a sweet new pilot in the works and hope to film some more Bocce Ballers this summer.

So, KIT! (That’s ‘keep in touch’ in case you don’t remember yearbook days.)

Continue to like this page on facebook because if I start something like a Tumblr (which I might because it’s shorter content), I’ll post it there. And you know, here’s twitter (I now tweet sometimes) and also like my Bocce Ballers page because it’s fun.

Lovers and friends – thank you so much for reading. I can’t believe how much support I’ve gotten. I will miss all your funny and helpful comments. For those of you that I know in real life, let’s talk in real life.

Byeeee! :( :)