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This Sunday, some professional movers (see? I’m a grown up) are coming to take my husband’s and my stuff from our beloved Brooklyn apartment (“beloved” is too strong, but it’s ours) and move us to Huntington, Long Island.

In the words of Snooki (and probably baby Lorenzo) “wahhhh!”

After living not with my parents through college, business school, working… I’m moving back home. Why? To save money! (Surprise! Bet you thought I was doing it for fun!) Well actually, before I can save money, I have to pay off my credit card debt from the wedding and honeymoon. whoops.

My husband, Tom, and I are going to be staying with my dad because my mom’s house is too small and my mother-in-law’s house is too far from work. And, after all, moving in with her divorced dad in the house where her parents’ marriage fell apart is the dream for most new wives.

In case you can’t tell, I’m not super excited about this move. But it’s happening.

Won’t you join me in seeing how this drama unfolds?


  1. Yes! I will join you on your journey!

    p.s. the Snookie link told me I was Forbidden…

  2. Jill,

    Maybe you’ve got a film idea, here.

    And, just remember that THE GREAT GATSBY was partly
    written on a commuter train.

    [ I'll be back!]

  3. Is that true??

    I think I’ll stick to sitcoms for now but thanks for the vote of confidence!

  4. Wow, I could not imagine moving in with my mother. I am sure that it will be fine and think about it when you move out, you will have no debt and a huge down payment for something wonder.

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