Crashing on Our Own Futon

As I mentioned, we moved the majority of our stuff last Sunday, but we still had a few things to move. Ok, so maybe we had all this to move…

Ugh, I realize now I got my bra in the shot but I don’t have photoshop and
really? It’s a bra. Get over it, my god.

…and more.

So while Tom packed and I procrastinated packing, we spent our last week in Brooklyn on our old futon that we then left at the curb.

Couch and bed?! What an invention!

Note that my husband built that “table”¬†all by himself¬†(oh, and he cooked).

More to come…


  1. Hey, I have that table, too!

  2. Lol, I can’t see the bra in your photo!
    I guess it helps taking it as a fun adventure and blogging about it as you do :-)

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