First Week Commuting

A Journal.

Day 1: Did you know that it’s dark out at 6am? 

yeah, I was really tired but that’s a window 
(with a Christmas candle in it because my mom thinks they’re for year-round)

“The first day isn’t that bad. It’s the second day that makes you want to die…” Alice warns.

Evening – get a ride home with Daddy. Would have been faster to take the train.

Day 2: Did you know it’s cold and rainy at 6am? (sometimes)

Umbrella? Check. Coat and boots? Packed: whereabouts unknown.

Evening - resist the urge to buy beer on the platform.

Queens hotspot

Day 3: Did you know that it’s even darker at 5:30am? 

Leave the house at 6:35 to be at work at 8:30.

Evening – train home smells like a urinal cake, which is preferable to alternatives.

Day 4: Snoozed 3 times.

Complete thought: Penn Station is bad for your mental and physical health.

Evening – take the 7 train the wrong way one stop. Sounds about right.

Day 5: Don’t act like your’e doing me any favors, Friday.

Just can’t get excited about Friday today; it was too hard-earned.

Evening – train cancelled. Do not resist the urge to buy a beer.

But first have to go to this ATM that will definitely not steal my identity.

watch the happy dancing guy :) nothing shady

You heard it here first: the cheapest beer in NYC is at the Hunters Point LIRR station.

I sprung for an imported

these are my people now

Upshot: I survived the week.


  1. I have no perspective on commuting by train, but there is beer?

    Is there an extra futon I can crash on? I’m clean, quiet and would like a beer on my way home.

  2. The aroma on the double-deckers reminds me of Blue Moon. Pleasant the first 5 minutes, cloying for the rest of the trip.

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