On Commuting

Some thoughts on commuting…

Ok, so… I’m going to commute for a few months… possibly longer (eek!) and it’s going to suck. But then I’m either going to move back into the city or, failing that, get a job on Long Island. I don’t understand people for whom this is the life plan. Like, you’re ok with never having a life or seeing your kids and shit?

Alice: Yeah, no. I can’t. I’ll just get a job curating the Hecksher Park Museum.

Aunt Kath had to commute into the city last week for training but she works on Long Island…

Aunt Kath: I don’t understand it! Who are these people? Who would choose to do this everyday?
Cutie (realizing I’m right there): Yeah, it’s for the young.
Aunt Kath: It’s for the stupid!

Well said, Aunt Kath. Well said.

But my new blogfriend from blurtblog made me realize I should just be grateful for the option of alcohol during the commute.

Alice got fancy wine (and fancy wine glasses) for Monday’s ride home
credit: Alice

So, explain it to me! What makes you ok with commuting 1.5+ hours indefinitely? Do you just love your job but can’t move? Do you love where you live so much that you would never think of moving? Or, if you don’t commute, feel free to rub it in my face.

I need answers, people.


  1. I now have a 15-minute commute, but since it’s my first visit to your blog, I don’t want to rub it in. I used to have an 1.5-hour commute. That lasted about 6 months.

  2. Because talking to you on gchat wasn’t enough, I needed two hours a day of face to face train time.

  3. This should sum up my thoughts on commuting: I live in the middle of absolutely nowhere because it means that it takes me 7 minutes to get from my house to work.

    I HATE commuting. I work too many hours to spend another 2-3 hours in my car every day.

    But on the other hand, if I had to commute, I’d infinitely prefer train commuting to being in a car.

  4. I lasted two years and two months as a working boomerang kid, until the inactivity from sitting affected my health. Then home cooked meals and free laundry and cheap rent and gorgeous suburban weekends weren’t enough to offset the 4 hours a day lost and lack of weekday social life. On the bright side, you have lots of time for magazines, pulp fiction, War & Peace, and movies. Maybe get an iPad or Nexus 7 to pass the time?

    Do you fall asleep before the first stop yet?

    • Ha, no I’m trying not to sleep because I get too cranky when I wake up. So far, I entertain myself with my phone or kindle or talking to Alice.

      You’ve definitely earned your freedom after 2+ years. How long is your commute now?

  5. I used to have a 45 minute commute. I hated it. I realized just where road rage came from. I moved close to work to protect the lives of the innocent. And the bad drivers… I’ve been told they have a right to live too. :|

    • Ha. Summer after high school I used to commute 45 minutes by car, in traffic, without air conditioning. I was completely drenched in sweat by the time I got to work but I was young and psyched to be making $10 an hour so it didn’t seem so bad.

      45 minutes is pretty standard in NYC. When I lived in Brooklyn, it was about 40 minutes door to door. But it’s not as bad when you’re not stuck in traffic.

  6. How dare you complain with such a good excuse to drink wine for an hour and a half?!
    Long commutes make days longer and they feel like a waste of time. But at least you go with the train which allows you to read, listen to music, just relax or fall asleep :-) I found trains really relaxing, when they’re not too crowded.

    • Lol. Yeah, I’m trying to get into a routine (of drinking?). I did not fall into a routine last time I lived at home but I was right out of college and still traumatized by not being nocturnal anymore.

  7. Thanks for all the comments, guys! I can feel it going viral… and it feels tingly.

  8. Told you!! Just wait till we have pics of a wine and cheese train party

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