Daddyism #1

Rabbit Rabbit.

“It seems like everyone wants money from you these days.”

Tom, Daddy, and I are walking from Daddy’s to the Mediterranean Snack Bar.

Daddy: You know, it seems like everyone wants money from you these days.

Me: Are you talking abou those kids having a car wash?

Daddy: Well, yeah. Not just there. Everywhere. Like the supermarket. There’s always someone outside asking for money for charity. I’m at the point where if I see that, I’ll go to a different supermarket.

Me: Seriously?

Daddy: Yeah, and Wendy’s. I go there and get two 5 piece spicy chicken nuggets, which costs $2.18, and then they want a dollar for charity.

Me: Uh huh.

(There is no point arguing a Daddyism.)



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  2. Yup. Can’t argue with that logic!

    • Lol. You know… when I post “Daddyism”s, I try not to editorialize, and just let the reader interpret them on his own… but I feel the need to point out that my dad is not necessarily a role model when it comes to stiffing kids’ car washes and charities.

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