Preview: Daddy’s House

Remember 3 weeks ago when we were going to stay at my mom’s for a week and then move into my dad’s?

Here’s an update: we’re still at my mom’s. The end.

Not really the end. But that would legit be enough of an explanation for anyone that knows my dad. Assuming you don’t, however, here’s the rest…

Daddy is still working on his cleaning and plumbing problems. The latest is that we should be moving in this week. (We’ll see.)
As a preview of what’s to come, here’s what it looked like when we first moved our furniture into Daddy’s:

that’s the front door. and all our stuff.
He wasn’t quite ready for us, so he just had the movers leave all our stuff in the foyer. 
peeking inside
It’s cool because it’ll be totally easy for us to move our solid wood furniture upstairs later. (I emphasize “solid wood” because I’m proud we’ve upgraded most of our Ikea furniture. I’m like totally grown up.)
In case you had been wondering why I started this blog… do you get it now? No, really. Ms. PC values feedback.


  1. upgrading to real solid wood furniture is the step just prior to procreation. just saying.

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