Pier What-the-F

I’m blogging about Pier 1. This is my life now.

Last Sunday, I actually had a whole day to just relax and maybe even get some writing done. So, of course, I got bored.

Tom wouldn’t go to the library with me because he was out of clean clothes. (Should I do something about that? Eh, he’ll figure it out.)

Finally, I just needed to go somewhere. And there’s a Pier 1 right here so…

Three natural reactions to Pier 1:

1. Some people have too much time and/or money and/or space on their hands.

credit                                                credit

According to Pier 1′s website, these are called decorative spheres. So it’s like a whole thing.

No offense to anyone that might love decorative spheres and think they’re the best thing ever, but my mom doesn’t even own any of these and she has different couch pillows for different seasons.

2. I can’t wait to have a house, or a home office, or just a room.

super cute wall applique that will make my future home office extra girly

you can’t tell but this clock is super giant and I want it

3. Uck, that is bleak.

There’s a lot of stationery and cocktail napkins with “funny” sayings on them.

must exit suburbs immediately!!!

My big haul:

for the girl with too little time and/or money and/or space

Pocket nail files! 48 cents, y’all! Maybe the smallest purchase in Pier 1 history.
And in conclusion:

Pier 1 embodies everything that is good and bad about the suburbs. And I lovate them for that (excellent new word stolen from saradraws).


  1. Hi. My name is Rae and I, too, am a victim of Pier1. Recently, I traveled alllllll the way to Flushing to pick up the curtains I wanted for my new apartment (These curtains were not available in the 5 surrounding stores or online – just to clarify that I’m not a complete nut). Anh, oh, I made my BF come with me. And as a side note, he blew off soccer to accompany me. When asked by his friend of his absence, he answered honestly and was mocked endlessly. HAHAHA. He likes me – who wouldn’t!

    • Ha! I can’t believe he blew off soccer for Pier 1! Ah, new love.

      For the record, Tom was actually at soccer when I was at Pier 1. That’s married life for you. Of course, I shouldn’t talk because when we were first dating I went to his soccer games.

    • Yes, new love indeed. The other day I thought it was our 6 month-nniversary, but turned out it was only 5 months. Immediately, I had to readjust my internal clock for the progression of our relationship…you know, leaving things at his house, burping in front of him, etc.

    • Um… you’re crazy. You need a blog about your mind’s inner workings please.

    • We all know I’m crazy, but let’s just clarify that I’m the GOOD kind of crazy. The kind you need to have around. Haha ha ha.

  2. Doesn’t your mom have that giant clock in her living room?

  3. I too, have a lovate relationship with Pier 1 (or any home decor place, really). I love looking at all the pretty shiny things and imagining them in my pretty shiny home. Then I remember.
    Tiny apartment + kids + domestic incompetence = no fucking way.
    Can I say fuck here?

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