Ladybugs and Omens

When my parents first moved into their house in Huntington, Mommy found ladybugs everywhere, and she felt like it was her mother’s spirit looking after her.

an especially ugly ladybug gif

Ladybugs have always been a special symbol of good luck in my family. There was a ladybug on my leg the day my team won the xAct (xTREME Accounting) local case competition at Binghamton (full on nerd in the house – TF3 forever!) And other than that… I can’t remember a specific time when ladybugs have really brought luck but I’ve always liked them and I got a ladybug tattoo on my hip on my 21st birthday and no you can’t see it.

On Sunday, Tom and I returned to this house, which is now Daddy’s house. And we were greeted by a different insect…


Now, in Tom’s family, bees are considered bad luck. Well, it’s not so much a family superstition as Tom just doesn’t like them because he was stung multiple times as a kid and, really, who needs a bunch of bees around?

When Tom and Daddy went to move our mattress, there was one on the mattress cover, which seemed to be injured. Daddy vacuumed him up. Later, I found one on the bathroom window, which Daddy shooed out. Then there was a dead one on one of Daddy’s several keyboards.

Finally, we found the source: the nest in our bedroom window. 


Daddy said he’ll knock it down but he didn’t say when. Then he said “This house just seems to attract bees.” Bees.

As we were leaving, a bee landed on our windshield. We then went to the park to enjoy the weather for a few minutes…

And as soon as we sat down, three bees landed on our bench.


If my mom took the ladybugs as a sign that she was supposed to be here, what are the bees trying to tell me?

Bee Afraid!

Tonight will be our first night staying at Daddy’s.


  1. oh no!! maybe it means you and Tom will be able to buzz outta there sooner than you thought!!! In the meantime I will only visit you at Mommy’s as I puff if I get stung.

  2. I think Daddy did the right thing.

    According to, “There remains many superstitions regarding bees. If a bee lands on a person’s hand, this suggests money is on its way. If a bee lands on someone’s head, they will be successful in life. Good luck or the arrival of a stranger should be expected should a bee fly into the home. The bee of course should never be killed but can be encouraged to fly out of an open window.”

    Can you get a bee to fly over your head?

    • Ha, I believe that just about as much as I believe that rain on your wedding day is good luck. They’re just trying to make you feel better about being stung / getting your pretty dress wet.

      But, just in case… see what yahoo thinks about vacuuming up bees?

    • I doubt that there were vacuumes around when superstitions were created. But according to me, vacuuming up bees will bring you lots of money. Satisfied?

  3. Yes! You should be a medium, Rae. You’re very good at it.

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