Happy Friday, Or, May This Infernal Week Crawl Back Into The Pits Of Hell From Which It Sprang

Rough week, dear lovers and friends (just for fun).

On Monday I discovered a minor data error I had made at work and have been spending the rest of the week trying to undo everything that resulted from it. Funny how something tiny can blow up like that.

honey boo boo knows what I’m talkin’ about

Things I’ve neglected this week:

  • Following up with Penn Station lost & found (yes, still);
  • Hitting up the pashmina guy (I got a tip that he’s at 32nd and 7th);
  • Unpacking;
  • Various plans / calls with friends;
  • Any physical activity whatsoever.

Things I have not neglected this week:

  • Work;
  • Eating, for the most part;
  • Pissing off some girl on the LIRR by tapping her on the shoulder (still learning commuter culture).

Things I haven’t even attempted but need to get on top of:

  • Daddy’s house.
  • That’s enough of a to do list.

But my BFF Rachel is visiting this weekend so I guess I’ll just drink a bunch of wine instead.

guessing it will look something like this…


  1. When did work move up to the top of the priority list??? Pssshhhh.

    I want you guys to come out and play, OooooKKKK? Ok! Culture Club – be there!

  2. Oh I just figured out how to comment! I think….i dont understand and im a web designer..dear lord…anyways I read! and now comment! Keep blogging!! :) ps….why cant your tap people on the shoulder on the LIRR? I am not familiar with the culture either.

    • Haha I tapped her on the shoulder and said “Excuse me.” Because I wanted to get into the seat next to her. As she got up she muttered something about how she can hear just fine. But she was looking down at her phone! (Hoping nobody would take the seat next to her.) God, I hate everyone. I guess New Yorkers don’t touch each other.

      Thanks for reading Kelly Kel :)

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