Jay Z Speaks

I never really gave an update on the amazing Jay Z concert I saw a couple weeks ago at the Barclay’s Center. Here’s the short version.

Tom and I took the drunk train in. Since the LIRR is always awesome, our train from Huntington was late to Jamaica so our transfer left without us. While waiting for the next train, I bought a Grolsch, which opened with the sound of a champagne cork popping and all the drunks around us cheered. Tom was drinking coffee like a nerd.

paper bag = class

The concert was, as I tweeted, a religious experience.

Then Tom and I luckily just made the 11:55 train. But when we got to Jamaica we realized that there wasn’t a train to Huntington for over an hour so obviously I fell asleep while waiting for it.

Blah blah, another LIRR story. Really, I just wanted to pass on some advice from Jay Z. 

He referenced the media having reported his owning only a small percentage of the Nets and gave some words of wisdom ending with…

“Don’t let anyone diminish your accomplishments.”

Church! Then he launched into “99 Problems” which, in case you forgot, is awesome.

Got any wise words from a random source?


  1. I think I’m stablogging you (that’s blog stalking – just made it up, all by myself). LIRR should be the official sponsor of your blog. I personally have nothing to say about LIRR a) Because I’ve never taken LIRR b) my company gets work from them. (Side way smiley face).

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