The Best Very Special Episodes

As promised after yesterday’s emotional┬ároller-coaster.I know there are other lists elsewhere, but here is Ms. PC’s personal list of the best Very Special Episodes:

1. Full House – smoking.

2. Saved By The Bell – Ok, there are so many very special episodes of SBTB, but I don’t think the drunk driving episode gets enough attention.

I stopped looking for an actual clip after I found this music video for the song “Drunk Driving Lisa’s Mom’s Car”. The episode “Jessie’s Song” also makes a cameo:

3. Punky Brewster – drugs. Ok, I had no recollection before I just watched this clip that Punky Brewster actually started Just Say No Clubs in real life. It looks like all the members are adults, which is weird considering their leader is a 9 year old.

You can start watching at about half way through if you don’t love the 80′s fashions and valley girl caricatures as much as I do (weird).

4. Small Wonder – drugs. Just skip to the sting operation at the very end.

5. Saved By The Bell – no hope with dope. You can google the real PSA if you don’t remember for some reason (weird) but this is just funnier and super random:



  1. Um, you forgot this one:

    And this:
    Forward to about 5:15, the music at 5:19 let’s you know its serious.

  2. That Boy Meets World one was awesome. I like how they captured the fun and bonding that comes with underage drinking. Didn’t get to the bad part yet, except it makes your parents disproportionately mad at your friends.

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