Back Home Sitcom, Ep. 1


Jill and Tom prepare to leave for the day. Jill puts her laptop in her purse as Tom slips on his jacket. There is a knock at the door. Jill opens it to reveal Daddy.
Have you two been eating
in here?
(Guiltily) Um, yes.
Daddy would really prefer
if you didn’t eat in here.
This isn’t college.
Jill glances at the mini fridge in the corner.
It feels like college.
Yeah, I see that… Just 
eat in the kitchen please.
(Hangs her head) Ok…

Daddy closes the door as he leaves. Jill looks up at her husband.

(Whispers) I’m still
gonna eat in here.


  1. Daddy has a lot of rules!

  2. Right? Just imagine what it was like when I was actually a kid…
    Only now that I’ve tasted sweet, sweet freedom it’s tough to go back.

  3. I don’t know–so of course I didn’t live with your family or anything, but when we were kids there were a lot of rules…but they didn’t seem quite so bad somehow. I mean…we were kids. Of course our parents had rules.

    It’s harder to not be able to control my own space now. I used to hate living alone. Now I think I’d be hard pressed to go back.

    • Yeah it’s definitely worse now that I’m an adult. It’s just looking back that all the rules we had as kids seemed so stupid. Like, my dad had a lot of restaurant rules… actually he still does. I’ll have to do a post about them.

  4. Lol! This is cute and funny :-)
    You and your husband are like rebellious teens!

  5. This is funny and your a really good writer. Love reading these


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