Excuses For Not Cleaning

It just occurred to me that anyone reading this blog, who doesn’t know me personally, might be under the misconception that I am a clean person, just because I criticize Daddy’s cleanliness. Well, I’m not. I try, but I encounter problems, such as:

  • It doesn’t come naturally to me.
  • I didn’t learn proper habits until college, and then I only did it begrudgingly under the guidance of the cleaning chart my roommate Peggy made out of a paper plate.
  • I’m busy.
  • When I’m not busy, I’m lazy.
  • I spend a lot of time writing bullet point lists.
  • I’m a type B person so I don’t really beat myself up for enjoying my weekends.
  • I don’t hate myself. In fact, I like myself so much that I find my own faults endearing, as if I’m Liz Lemon or Old Christine.
my anti-heroes

Of course, on TV, even slobs have clean houses. I mean, we slovenly viewers don’t want to be forced to look at a house that looks just like ours….

Liz Lemon’s Ikea furniture

Feel free to lend me your best cleaning excuses.


  1. Haha I’m currently using “I have a baby to take care of all day…”

    To which Claude says ” The house was pretty much in the same state it’s in now BEFORE the baby…”

  2. I am a type A at work. A type B at home. A type A+ when out partying.

    Partying wins. Cleaning comes in a distant 3rd but I grudgingly do it!

    • Type A at work and Type B at home?? That’s the perfect combination! I don’t know how you achieved that but way to go.

      You know what’s weird? I think I changed. I think I was Type A/crazy in college and then one day I chilled out.

  3. Mine is, “People expect me to work full time; commute an hour each way; get Baguette ready for the next day; give her a walk, dinner, and a bath; and clean the house? Well, let them come over and clean the house.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I like the house better when it’s clean. I just don’t have the time to get it that way, or the money to pay someone else to get it that way. Although we may pay someone anyhow. It could happen.


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