Daddyism #4

Rabbit Rabbit.

“It just seems silly to see two men on a date.”

In light of my resolution to be nicer to Daddy, I’m posting one of my favorite Daddyisms.

Daddy and I are at Harry’s Burritos. The gay couple next to us leaves.

Daddy: You know, it just seems so silly to see two men on a date.

Me: Really? Why?

Daddy: I just think that most men are just interested in dating with the hope that it will lead to sex. So it just seems like there’s no point in going through the pretense when you’re interested in men.

I love it because it shows his tolerance (despite maybe some ignorance). Also, it’s rare that Daddy says the s-e-x word in front of me.



  1. This made me smile. I like it that you gave him a chance to explain his opinion instead of reacting to it right away. Does your dad read your blog?

  2. *Gasps* Who’s going to break the news to Daddy that two men also have S-E-X?

  3. LOL! That is pretty funny. Wonder what he thinks when he sees two women on a date?

  4. This is so funny.& yet so surprisingly true for Uncle. LOL

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