Alice Gets Zen

In case you’re new here, sometimes my best commuter friend Alice helps me out by ranting about commuting so I can get a day off from doing so.

Alice And The New Year
I’ve been back home for a little over five months, which has simultaneously gone really quickly and really slowly. Originally I figured I’d be able to go back to being a normal adult (you know not have to call home for a ride every time I got back from the city) by January, the latest. Clearly that hasn’t happened and there are a lot of complicated reasons for why I will continue to be robbed by the LIRR, but Jill isn’t letting me write a novel here. Though seriously, if anyone is interested in buying my rarely driven 2012 Honda Civic leave a comment here, it would totally help me out.

My 2013 resolutions are to one, actually get off Long Island and live in at least an outer borough (Staten Island doesn’t count) at some point. And two, for the time being become a little more zen about this whole thing. In addition to the nonsense that is the LIRR (more on that later) I also have three subways and a 15 minute walk on one end and a 20 minute drive on the other, but whatever. Look, I don’t have much of choice at the moment, so I might as well stop bitching about it and try to make the best of things. I mean, the guys at the Penn Station wine store offer you cups when you purchase a bottle there, that’s a plus, right? I also resolve to start getting out more, so I can actually enjoy this amazing city that I’m in five days a week and remember why I moved back here – even if that means getting home later, sleeping on uncomfortable couches at friends’ houses, or even making a city trip on weekends.


  1. I have yet to make a purchase at the Penn Station wine store. But yes, that’s a plus. Definite potential.

  2. Alcohol will help you get zen!! Load up!


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