This Week Just Keeps Getting (Unsarcastically) Better


I guess you could call this an info-graphic. If “info” means “Jill’s emotional reaction” and “graphic” means “chart”.

To summarize, my week started out rough (with a bright spot from Saint Tom). Tuesday got a little less worse. Wednesday, I got some productive writing-ish-things done, which made me happy. And then I just coasted from there.

I don’t see any reason why tomorrow can’t be all smiles and wine and cheese.


  1. Hi! found your blog at bloggers! So you’re doing nablopomo too! I have finished it last november, tried last december (and failed miserably ) and doing it this january again (although I missed around two days?) Looking forward to reading your blog. I love sitcoms too!

  2. I will give you a woo-hoo for Sat!!

  3. you should woo hoo it up at joel’s bday party tonight. I made chocolate cake!

  4. I called weeks like this tester weeks when you start out on a really low and end on a high. I have been having a few of them lately. I love the graphic that is awesome. I will remember that when Monday comes around and we can not get all the school and sport stuff together by 8:30. Hope you are having a great Saturday!

  5. Mondays can definitely blow. But if we’re going to predict the future Monday happiness based on the progress of your “graphic,” I’d put money on next Monday being more happy than shitty. But then again, I never could read a friggin’ chart.

  6. P.S. It was SUPER sweet of you to check in on my bro today ;)

  7. I love this. Def you

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