Project Optimism: Can My Dad Change?

Two weeks in a row of optimism on Mondays! Hmm, maybe I need to publish earlier in the day, so it can actually give you optimism before your Monday’s over? I’ll work on that.

I had not mentioned that last Sunday, the same day as the dust-splosion, the light fixture in our room broke, which further added to my frustrations.

All week we survived without a proper light. We found this weird spotlight-thing that we hung from our defunct light fixture, but it was super annoying because we could really only point the light in one direction at a time, and there was no switch for it.

weird spotlight thing

I think it’s made out of a re-purposed mixing bowl


I know this sounds like a petty complaint, but when you wake up in the pitch black at 6am, it can be a real bummer to have to feel around in the dark for the cord and the extension cord, and line them up properly, all before caffeine.

Daddy said he’d get us a new ceiling fan this weekend, but since the faucet is still not fixed, and his plumbing problems have resurfaced and remain unresolved, I was not holding my breath.

And then, get this, he did it. Yesterday, he went to Home Depot, bought a ceiling fan, and he and Tom installed it. I wasn’t home during the installation, but Tom said that during the process, Daddy realized he needed an extra part from Home Depot, and then proceeded to get that part, and come home to finish the installation.

where fashion meets function

where fashion meets function

Do you see what this means?? He started and completed a project in the same day. Only a week after the problem originally arose.

Maybe Daddy just has an easier time grasping lighting than, say, plumbing or cleaning. But maybe, just maybe, he’s improving? Maybe Tom’s efficiency is rubbing off on him? (That might be too optimistic. But still…)

For today, let’s celebrate this win. If Daddy can change, anything can happen.



  1. Love that you’re on board with Project Optimism. I can imagine being a newly wed and wanting to have all kinds of sex while in the same house with your Dad can get a little tricky. Here’s hoping that “all kinds of sex” part wasn’t too weird, but let’s be real: I may be a *little* jealous. ;)

    • Lol don’t get too jealous. We did live together for a couple years before marriage so I don’t know if there’s anything new to try.

      You had it right with the awkwardness though. We are actually living in the bedroom that was once my parents’ and I can’t forget that as much as I might like.

  2. Well, now that he’s so efficient, I’ve got plenty of things around my home he can work on. ;)

  3. Yay, daddy! He knocked that project out in one day. What’s your secret? Because it seems to me that you not only have one but two men willing to meet your demands!

  4. Hurray for light! We had a broken lamp in the hallway and it was a PAIN to stumble about like a blind person every time one of the babies cried at night. Working lamps can certainly be a cause for celebration, haha!

  5. Oh Yay Daddy!!

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