Our Two-Timing Cat

One day, the neighbor’s cat wanted to come in our house. He didn’t ask, or anything, just shoved his little body in between Tom’s legs and the door. This was the beginning of our love affair.

Daddy said it was ok, so we started seeing each other a couple times a week. Despite his belonging to another family, what we have is real. He usually waits on his porch across the street and comes running when he sees Tom and me get out of the car.¬†We’ve never fed him; he just comes over for lots of attention.

Daddy says his name (from the neighbors) is Fluffy. He’s the only cat I’ve ever met that comes when you call him.

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Finally, he worked up the nerve to get in our bed.

I particularly like this shot of the cat sleeping on Tom's PJs

…and made himself at home in Tom’s pajamas

I was sick today and Tom let him in the house before he left for work, so… we slept together. Like a typical philanderer, he was gone before I woke up. (Daddy had stopped home and let him out.)

It’s not the dream pet relationship that I wished for as a little girl, but as I’m a half-grown up right now, it seems to work well to have a half-cat.

Of course, the other day, Tom saw Fluffy coming from a different neighbor’s porch, so we might have to face the fact that our pet is three-timing us.


  1. Fluffy is a sluuuuuuuut.

  2. Ahahahaha this is so hilarious. I mean I hate cats, but you know, it’s still a cute story. :)

  3. So I totally wish we had a relationship like this with a cat, then I wouldn’t have half the issues I have with the cat we had to get! Enjoy cause it doesn’t get better then that. No food, no poop box, no vet bills but all the love. I’m jealous!

  4. Damn slutty unfaithful felines!

    Reminds me of myself when I was in my slutty days!


  5. Maybe that why cats are referred to as “pussies”. Haha. I crack myself up!

  6. This is awesome. We are months away from getting a cat that we have promised our child if she is good in her overpriced private British school She has not kept her promise but we will…. Love this!


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