This Is My Brain On Drugs

I had to take a lot of cold medicine to get through my first day back at work. I’m pretty sensitive to decongestants. Even though I’m not even on the hard stuff (pseudoephedrine), the phenylephrine gets to me after a while too.

It’s gotten my conscious mind talking more than usual, which I didn’t think was possible. Just talking and talking. Deeper, sometimes darker thoughts than I’m used to. It’s very annoying.

I finally realized I need a break… from my own brain. I wish I could take a vacation from myself.

But what would be going on in my brain if my voice wasn’t yammering at me? Just peace? I think I’ve achieved that once or twice.

Or maybe, when I go on vacation from myself, I go with the voice. I mean, my conscious brain is the real me, right? So maybe I, the voice, just need to get untrapped from this tiny head.

…When I got to this point in my story at dinner, my husband Tom suggested that might be my cue to write. He only looked slightly scared when he said it.

So there you have it. You can thank Tom (or Mucinex) for this.

Or maybe next time I have a cold, I’ll just take a week off from blogging and not subject you to my decongestant-acid-trips.

this is your brain on vacation... credit

this is my brain on vacation…


(Any questions?)



  1. My brain on vacation usually involves Vegas, strippers, pudding, balloons, booze, jail time, and midgets.

    Oh, and bacon. Lots of bacon.


  2. I wish I could take a vacation from myself too sometimes! Also wish I could shut up the voice. I wrote something about it a while ago, you might like it :-)

    • Keep working on that voice – you will shut her up eventually.

      Yeah, this voice in my head was more crazy than mean, but I think the mean voice came back with it. Yesterday (still on the drugs, though I cut down to a half dose) I splattered soup on myself while opening a can, and I heard myself muttering out loud, “So stupid. When will you learn? You’ll never do better.” and I realized I must sound insane to my neighboring coworkers. Also disturbing because that’s seriously not my voice. When not on cold medicine, I really don’t talk to myself like that.

  3. I really loved reading your last two posts, they were really funny.

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