Why I Hate Twitter (But Will Continue to Use It)

I was a relatively early adopter of twitter. It was probably 2007 when I joined, because I heard Elvis Duran and the Morning Show talking about celebrity tweets, and I thought “I can know what John Mayer is up to at all times? Cool.”

apparently this is called the hipster barista meme *the more you know*

apparently this is called the hipster barista meme
*the more you know*

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The Universe Speaks Through Fortune Cookies

What is it about Chinese fortunes? I know they’re meaningless, but if I get a good one, I believe it.

Some time last year, I got the fortune:

Your secret desire to completely
change your life will manifest.

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You’re Invited: Equality Theme Party

I love a good theme party. Proof:

theme party addiction

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Project Optimism: In Memory of Twinkie the Cat

Twinkie “Twinkle Toes” Pinnella died on Friday, after bravely admitting defeat in his battle against inoperable abdominal cancer. He is survived by his parents, Gail and Ron, sisters Jill and Amy, and brother Oreo.

photo (4)

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I’m Going to Take an Annie Hall Quote and Make It Super Depressing

In a deviation from standard procedure, I’m postponing my Project Optimism post until tomorrow. For reasons that will now become apparent.

Yesterday, Tom and I watched Annie Hall for the first time. I know, I’m a comedy writer in New York and I should have seen it long ago. Mistake now corrected.
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NYC: Where’s The Pizza And Bagels?

What foods to you think of when you think of New York? Survey says!…


screenshot of Family Feud Game from this website for cheaters

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Bad Days Don’t Always Start In The Morning

Yesterday, 7pm, I was riding the train home, stressing about one of my scripts (due to Will Smith today) and how I can make it funnier.

Amanda (founding partner of Super Best Friends Productions) called me and I started stressing more, thinking about all that we have to do on that project.

Then my mom called and asked if I could come over. This is unusual. I said yes but I had to check with Tom.

bad day 1

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Stop Thinking. Enjoy Now.

So, I listen to this UCB podcast, where they interview different improv performers, and it’s kind of great. Because they talk about when they were first starting out, and how they weren’t confident at first, and how they got rejected at auditions. And I think “Oh, cool. These successful improvees were once like me, but they stuck with it and it worked out.”

But then I think

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My Father’s Daughter

When I was a kid, Daddy was in a bad mood a lot. Whenever he would get annoyed at my sister or me, he would take deep breaths, exhaling loudly. It was extremely disconcerting, not to mention annoying.

yeah, it was kind of like this

yeah, it was kind of like this

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Project Optimism: Super Best Friends Productions

I mentioned last week that my friend Amanda and I are working on a super secret project.

Since then, we’ve had two meetings of our new company:

super best friends productions

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