100th Post: Syndication, Here I Come!

Holy shit. I was just sitting here thinking… I think my 100th post is coming up soon. I’d better check when.

It’s today.

100 Posts!

Ok, calm down everyone.

I started this blog 6 months and 1 day ago. [oops! Happy semi-blogiversary to me!]

I dare say 100 posts is a lot in 6 months (ok, maybe 5 of them were written by guest blogger/co-captive Alice – thanks Alice!). Even though I already thought I was a pretty good writer 6 months ago, I have seen my own writing improve immensely as I have plunked away at this blog. And as I look back on my earlier posts… I wouldn’t say I “cringe” but let’s just say I choose to focus on how proud I am of myself for having gotten better.

Click on September over there in the Blog Vault if you need proof/reminding. –>

As you may have heard, in TV writing, 100 episodes is the magic number you need to make it to the promised land of syndication. With syndication comes residuals. An episode might be worth $44k to the writer the first time it airs, but it can be worth up to $1 million in its lifetime if the show makes it to syndication. For a single episode.

So… what do I get for my 100th post? Where’s my million dollar prize?


Oh well, let’s not focus on the negative.

Thank you, readers (aka my lovers and friends) for giving me an audience, writing comments, and generally encouraging me to keep writing. It’s because of you that I’m still going and, therefore, improving.

Here’s to 100 more!

Leave me some love!


  1. Fan-frickin-tastic!!!!! Those residuals will be rolling in because you’re awesome!

  2. Courtney says:


  3. Just leaking the love from a fellow newbie blogger! Congrats! Now I know I need to celebrate when I make it to 100,

  4. Congrats on #100 posts! Nice job. I also need a hostage, um, blogger partner like you have.

    Keep it up!


  5. Ha, awesome gifs!

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