Alice Guest Post: Inspired By My Friends

Every once in a while, my commuter friend Alice gives me a day off by guest blogging for me. 
As you all know by now, Saturday was Jill’s improv showcase. Admittedly I had some trepidation about attending. One, it was on a Saturday – but I did say one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get out more on weekends. Two, no matter how funny and entertaining someone is, when they say “come to my improv 101 performance on a Saturday afternoon” you worry about a certain cringe factor. Well, I needn’t have been concerned about either. The commute was super easy being that Jill and I got a ride in together in the back of her parents’ car like we were 12, and I bummed a ride home with her and Tom. More importantly, the show was super good. I was really impressed. Obviously I could never ever do that. Even when I’ve taken dance classes that require 8 counts of improv I freak out. So kudos to Jill and I can’t wait for the 201 performance.

Afterwards we all went to a bar nearby for conversation and day drinking. I learned about the day jobs of Jill’s fellow improvees (new awesome word I just made up) and how much fun she’d had in the class. I also talked to our really cool friend Erika about some cake decorating classes she’d been taking. And I thought, what the hell am I doing? I’ve started taking ballet classes again which is great, but there are a ton of things I’ve wanted to learn and always found an excuse. “I don’t have the money” “I’m in grad school and busy” “I live in Arkansas” Ok, the last one was pretty legit. But I’m saving money now by not paying rent and my work hours have stabilized for a while and it’s about to not be cold and dark out so I’ve decided to take the plunge.

Today a bought a groupon for a ballroom dance studio ten blocks from my office – I get one group class, two privates and one zumba class. I figured this was a good first step since it doesn’t require a ton of commitment. But I’m pretty sure that come summer I’ll be winning dance competitions in a sequined mini dress.
**Note: I did not coerce Alice into saying my improv show was good. Some people just like me, okay? Also, Alice, way to come through with the word-coining. I’ve been slacking lately.**


  1. Sometimes you just gotta say “what the eff” and just go for it!


  2. I’m pretty sure that you’re going to be winning ballroom competitions and I will be cast on SNL by… end of summer, tops.

  3. In the back of Jill’s parents car like we were 12 and day drinking were my favorite things about this :-) CONGRATS, Jill, on a great performance! Care to share any of your tid-bits/one-liners/jokes?

    • I can tell you that at various points I had to do a (terrible) English accent and a (probably offensive) French accent. I also had to dress up as Picachu and pose for glamour shots. Sadly, all record of this ground-breaking performance is lost.

  4. By “improv” am I correct to assume that this means “improvisation”?

    Ah, day drinking, a wonder of the weekend ;-)
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