Project Optimism: Making Life Happen

I started Improv 201 on Friday and, dare I say, the class is even better looking than my 101 class. What’s with that?

“Do I have to get better looking too, as we move up?” I asked my new improv bestie Amanda as we left class.

“No, you’re already good looking.” she answered without missing a beat.

“Right back atcha.” I winked.


proof. sort of.
my camera sucks since I dropped my phone down an elevator shaft (10 months ago)

The improvees (thanks Alice) in this class are on a whole new level. I have to admit, it’s intimidating. But it’s also motivating. I’ve never been an actress but I kind of have to learn to act to keep up with this class. So, sweeping declaration:

I’m an actress now.

…Just don’t tell 2007 Jill because she will make fun of me for not having a real job.

things are happening liz lemon

But the best news from Friday is that I worked up the nerve to ask Amanda to work on a new project with me. We’re meeting this week to discuss and I’m not going to spoil it here because I read this article that said when you tell people about your goals, it’s just as satisfying to your brain as doing them, so you never have to actually do them.

But, you will hear about it soon enough and, fair warning: may involve a kickstarter solicitation.

We already warned our husbands that this project may involve a lot of late nights (now if someone could warn Daddy? He doesn’t like me to stay out late) and they are being super supportive. My husband, Saint Tom (he’s been sainted again) offered to hold a boom mic or make sandwiches.

I may have said too much.

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  1. So exciting! can’t wait to know more about your project :-)

  2. You’re writing for SNL! You were in charge of the NuvaBling skit last week?! Excited for you :)

  3. Nice! Go for it and chase that dream!



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