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When did Will Smith become the new Morgan Freeman? Or is he the new Dalai Lama? Maya Angelou?

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Anyway, a quick search of “Will Smith Wisdom” seems to indicate that his transformation occurred somewhere around 2009, but (just because I haven’t heard about it until recently) I think it was a slow build.

If you’d like ten minutes’ worth of inspirational Will Smith quotes, here you go.

pretty much one in the same credit / credit

pretty much one in the same
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Will Smith is cosponsoring this script contest and it was his words that made me actually (literally) get up off the couch and go write the comedy pilot I’ve been thinking about for months now.

Here’s the video that did it:

And these words specifically…

The greatest enemy to having the life you wanna have [...] is fear. And the only way to deal with fear is to smash your head against it. Write your work and submit it. Write your work and submit it. You’ll never ever regret doing it, but you’ll regret not doing it for the rest of your life. There might be some pain involved in it, there might be huge insecurity [...] Write your work and submit it.

And everyday when I sit down to write and I inevitably don’t feel like writing, I watch this video again. And then I say “Ok, Will Smith, let’s do this.” And I write my work. And next week I will submit it.

If you’re not a writer, substitute your thing in instead. “Write your songs and record them.” “Study and ace your test.” “Go to improv class and perform.” (You should all do that last one.)

Anyway, you get the idea.  Work your ass off and follow through. Write your work and submit it.

What do you watch/read when you need inspiration?
Who’s your secret celebrity mentor?


  1. Will Smith is the man. He can do little wrong. I want to be him when I grow up!

    Also, music is my inspiration when writing, that, and people watching around NYC.


  2. Good for you, Jill!!!!! Be sure to let us know how the submission process goes! Good luck!

    Off topic sorta kinda: is it true that Will and his wife are swingers? I could Google this, yes, but Saturday is my lazy day.


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