Stop Thinking. Enjoy Now.

So, I listen to this UCB podcast, where they interview different improv performers, and it’s kind of great. Because they talk about when they were first starting out, and how they weren’t confident at first, and how they got rejected at auditions. And I think “Oh, cool. These successful improvees were once like me, but they stuck with it and it worked out.”

But then I think

But then I think “It took them so many years to get where they are. And they started so much younger. And they had more time to devote to it when they were 21 than I have now that I’m 29 and married…. Should I have married someone from the improv community like Tina Fey did? Too late now. Maybe I can get Tom into improv.”

Advice time: sometimes, just stop thinking.

But anyway, yesterday I was listening to D’Arcy Carden’s interview. She’s kind of a big name around here and here’s the first episode of her webseries Terrible Babysitters, so you know she’s funny:

…and per her interview she just moved to LA so that’s sad because it’s like all the funny people in New York graduate to LA but, you know, best of luck.

So, ANYWAY, after listening to her interview about how she’s been doing this shit since she was born, and doing my traditional transition from hopeful to discouraged, she ended the interview with this piece of advice…

“The final thought is: I love this community, and we’re all so fucking lucky to be doing what we’re doing. On any of the levels. We’re really lucky and we can’t forget that. That we’re doing what we love. We get to make people laugh. That’s the coolest thing on earth… Yeah, I’ve got my period.”

-D’Arcy Carden

Best quote ever.

…And I remembered that two months ago, when I started taking Improv, I said “I’ll keep doing it as long as it’s fun.” And this is the fun part. And I am lucky that I live in (near) a city that has such awesome classes. I’m lucky I found something that makes me really happy. It’s not a race to fame. This, right now, is the fun part.

So, D’Arcy Carden has my undying admiration, from afar, but not in a stalkerish way. Well maybe a little. Also +10 points for mentioning her period on a podcast. I’ve got my own sort of story about that scheduled as a guest post on this series, but that’s for a future date.

And we’re staying in the present right now. Or whatever.

Have you learned your lesson about enjoying the now?
How about comparing your path to other people’s?
*Totally unrelated* Have you ever stalked a local celebrity? Do you know the potential for jail time?


  1. Enjoying the ‘now’ is difficult for me. I’m always so busy with the future. It seems like it would be simple to live in the moment, but for so many of us, it’s not. We’re always looking to what’s ahead.
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Yoga Yoda Helps Me Find Ergonomic ZenMy Profile

  2. Love the period quote :)
    I felt the same way about writing: “I started too late,” etc. But we’re doing the thing we want to do NOW. And it might take time and practise to reach our goals, but we do it because it’s fun. Most of the times it is at least.
    Cecile recently posted…100 posts, a new blog, and an article in the paperMy Profile

  3. Props to this lady for owning up to her hormones. I like her already!

    I once tried to stalk Matt Damon who was actually filming a movie in my small, filthy town, but I never got close enough to require a restraining order. Good luck to you, though!
    Stephanie ( recently posted…The Momobile: Mini-bar Comes StandardMy Profile

    • That’s hilarious! Once, they were filming White Collar in my neighborhood in the city and I worked from home just so my sister and I could make a couple trips up and down the block to check out Matt Bomer. Never saw him but his wardrobe trailer looked nice.

  4. It’s never too late to go after your dream. You just have to want it bad enough. We all wish we could turn back time. Just have to live in the present and make do.

    Also, if I could turn back time I would be sporting a bad mullet and wearing a banana hammock. I really don’t want to revisit that again!
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