Bad Days Don’t Always Start In The Morning

Yesterday, 7pm, I was riding the train home, stressing about one of my scripts (due to Will Smith today) and how I can make it funnier.

Amanda (founding partner of Super Best Friends Productions) called me and I started stressing more, thinking about all that we have to do on that project.

Then my mom called and asked if I could come over. This is unusual. I said yes but I had to check with Tom.

bad day 1

I couldn’t get in touch with Tom, so I assumed he was still in his test. I got off the train at Hicksville so I could switch to the train to Farmingdale. Stay with me.

bad day Britney meme

After I got off the Huntington train, then another Huntington train went by, as I was about to get on the train to Farmingdale, Tom called and said that he’s in Huntington, not Farmingdale. He had forgotten his phone at home.

He also said he didn’t want to go to my mom’s for dinner because he had already ordered Friendly’s. Okay, so I had to let the Farmingdale train leave and get on the next train. We agreed that I would get off at Syosset so we could pick up our food and go home.

I called my mom to tell her that I couldn’t come over and that I’d come over tomorrow instead. She said “Okay, I guess Twinkie will still be around tomorrow…” Yes, Twinkie the cat, of Homeland fame, is dying. But I thought he had a few weeks or months, not days. As you can imagine, this was upsetting.

Then I realized that I had gotten on the express┬átrain, which didn’t stop in Syosset.

bad day 3

New plan: Tom, pick me up at Huntington. Take me to my mom’s. You go get the food and come back here.

“Awesome! I wanted to spend all night driving!” said Tom, without a touch of sarcasm. (…I wrote, sarcastically. Meta.)

So, I spent the night crying, spending time with my mom and Twinkie, and then went home and wrote until 1am. Then, for some idiotic reason, I decided that I would FINALLY update the operating system on my iPhone 4.

I left it to update and went to sleep. So, obviously, because of the crappy extension cords that we have running all over our room at Daddy’s, my computer came unplugged, then died, and my iPhone never finished updating, so my alarm didn’t go off.

bad day 4

Tom’s alarm went off at 7. Despite that I’m always game to skip a shower, my hair was too greasy this morning. So naturally, I missed the 7:45 train.

I ended up at work 25 minutes late. I do not work in the type of environment where I can be late. Did I mention that Thursdays are the worst day here?

So if I’m having a bad day, and one day = 24 hours, this hellish day-period should be over by 7pm tonight, right? See, I’m still optimistic.

Sorry I don’t have any inspirational life advice today. I know you guys pretty much think of me as your guru.

bad day kittens

What’s your guru advice for me?


  1. I’m so sorry about your kitty! Please give your mom a giant hug from me.

  2. You have to have shitty days to appreciate the good ones?

  3. Also sorry about your kitty. Hugs!

  4. Sad to hear about your kitty and your shitty (amazing, right?) day. I hope that when 7pm hit, you won the lottery.
    Stephanie ( recently posted…My Priest Broke My HeartMy Profile

  5. My advice? Just stay in bed. Do not get out of bed. Keep a bottle of booze on the nightstand.

    Sorry about your cat. That sucks.
    Phil Holtberg recently posted…Looking for something to do near NYC? A quick day trip to Tarrytown.My Profile

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