You’re Invited: Equality Theme Party

I love a good theme party. Proof:

theme party addiction

I wasn’t always into theme parties. When I studied abroad in England, the first party of the semester was called “SOS Party: Dress for an Emergency but Dress Sexy” and my reaction was…


Sure enough, I showed up in my standard college party uniform of halter top, jeans, clunky shoes; and everyone else was there in their sexy nurse* outfits. The next weekend it was schoolgirl* night and I could only draw one conclusion: British girls are crazy*. J/K! I love everybody crazy girls from the world over.* But British people seem to like theme parties. I didn’t leave England with a love for the theme party, but eventually I came around.

Here’s the thing: when someone plans a party, they generally put a lot of effort into it. They buy decorations and get excited and have an idea of how they want it to go. So, if you can’t get on board by throwing together the minimum required ensemble (because you think you’re too cool for theme parties or you’re just lazy), then you’re kind of a dick*. Also, having been on both sides, it’s just more fun to like things than to not like things.

Anyway, the last 15 hours on facebook have felt like an online theme party to me. The theme being equality, in case you somehow missed it:

equality day2

I’m going to just make an assumption that George Takei is the host of this party, sponsored by the HRC and probably some kind of vodka that costs $10 a shot and still gives you a hangover. I arrived on the early side, and then turned to the door to check out everyone’s costumes as they entered…

marriage equality facebook 2013

Isn’t it fun when people dress on theme?

Guess what? The party’s still going! The Supreme Court is hearing DOMA today. Are you too cool or lazy to put together the minimum required ensemble (change your profile pic) for this theme party? Don’t be a dick. It’s more fun to have fun.

What’s your favorite theme party?

*Site statistics tell you the search terms that people use to find your blog and I’m just dreading the perverted search terms that are going to show up forever starting now.


  1. Haha! I was SUPER late to this party and didn’t understand the attire, but when I pulled my head out of six piles of dirty laundry, I dressed appropriately because it just makes sense to want everyone to be happy. Right?
    Stephanie ( recently posted…Oversharing: The Day I Had BallsMy Profile

  2. Love this post! I was also late to the party, but I feel like I have a valid excuse – naturally, no one was talking about it in India. I figured that slathering myself in rainbow powder was a creative take on the party attire, so no red = profile pic for me!
    Lindsay Buckley recently posted…A Delhi DisasterMy Profile

  3. You have always been into theme parties. Don’t you remember looking through American Girl Magazines looking for ideas for our birthday?? Hollywood party in your backyard! I remember plastic martini glasses and Adri came as a director in her beret.

  4. Facebook was insane yesterday with how many people changed their profile pictures or posted the equals sign. Normally, I get a little annoyed when there’s this type of Facebookgasm, but I was pretty happy to see how many progressive people I know.
    Cutter recently posted…G.I.Joe – The Viper is Coming: A ReviewMy Profile

  5. So sad that people can justify hate and write it into law.

    One day I need to resurrect my facebook account. I had to kill it before the election, people’s all or nothing attitudes were killing me
    omawarisan recently posted…I Could Become A MascotMy Profile

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