The Universe Speaks Through Fortune Cookies

What is it about Chinese fortunes? I know they’re meaningless, but if I get a good one, I believe it.

Some time last year, I got the fortune:

Your secret desire to completely
change your life will manifest.

How did this cookie know I want to change my life? It must be right!

Yes, I realize how stupid this is. But anyway, I held onto it.

Flash forward: two days ago, on the train, I put my purse down on the dry floor. When I picked it up, it was soaked in coffee. Just one of the many joys of the LIRR.

At work, when I was pulling everything out of my bag and Clorox wiping it, I found this:

chinese fortune

my fortune, now coffee stained

Assuming, just for today, that I believe in signs from the universe, what is this one trying to tell me? Should I take it as a bad sign that my good fortune is now crinkled and brown?

I choose believe that the coffee purse was the universe’s way of making me find this fortune again, and reassuring me that everything’s going to work out.

Or, you know, of telling me to be more careful about where I leave my shit. Can’t learn that lesson enough.

What’s your favorite Chinese fortune?


  1. Courtney Centrelli says:

    I have a few that ive kept ” aim for the sky because even if u miss you will land among the satrs” “the heart has its reasons, which the reason does not know” and “a sound mind and healthy body bring many happy events to your family”. And u know ive had these a long time because i havent had chinese food in like 3 years. Lol

  2. Definitely a reminder to keep on keepin’ on!!!!!!!! I’m a huge believer in this stuff and THIS is why!
    Stephanie ( recently posted…My Mini-MeMy Profile

    • Thanks Steph! :) It’s like that saying… and I’m not bothering to look up the exact words or who said them, but…
      “He who thinks he can and he who thinks he cannot are both right.”
      Whether I choose to take it as a good sign or bad sign, either way I’m making a choice about my own destiny, or something, right?

  3. Even though they are goofy I still open those cookies and read them. I also have kept a few hoping they would come true. Still waiting for the “fortune and richness that will come my way” !!!
    Phil Holtberg recently posted…If you ever want to eat a cow, this is the place to go!My Profile

  4. I got a fortune that said “you are the master of every situation.”
    So I’ve got that going for me.
    Omawarisan recently posted…The Blurt Blog 2013 Press ConferenceMy Profile

  5. SarahJean says:

    I once got this cryptic fortune cookie message: “You will be found out.”

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