Five Annoying Things About Producing

As I’ve mentioned, I’m working on an independent web pilot with my friend/partner Amanda.

Neither of us have produced anything before. I don’t know if other producers have these problems. I don’t know if these will even seem like real problems in a couple weeks. But here are the five biggest things that are on my nerves right now.

1. Rewrites

actual text from our draft. don't judge. I'm playing Kristen and Amanda is Lindsey.

actual text from our current draft. don’t judge.
I’m playing Kristen and Amanda is Lindsey.

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Project Optimism: The Wedding I’d Hoped to Avoid

Well, Tom’s family, if you’ve arrived here, you might as well know: I didn’t want to go to the Virginia wedding this weekend. Not because I actually didn’t want to go, but because I had something very important to do in New York.

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Something Nice About My Dad

This morning, I awoke to the sound of the guitar floating through the house. When I came out of the bathroom, I heard Daddy singing, too.

It was so nice and comforting. This is how many days began when I was a child. When I moved out, I never thought I’d wake to that sound again.

In fact, back when I was husband scouting, “plays guitar” was on my list of criteria. Despite Tom’s claim that he plays the bass guitar, I’ve never heard him play. Sometimes my sister Amy would play guitar or ukulele when we lived together, but she was never awake in the morning.

I asked Daddy what he was playing and he told me, but I forget the name of the song. He was just fooling around while waiting for his carpool buddy to show up. This is his version of checking facebook on your phone.

I told him we were going to Virginia tonight for Tom’s cousin’s wedding tomorrow, and he said “Oh, give me a kiss then, because I won’t see you before you leave.” I obliged.

I like my dad sometimes.

I just thought up a corollary to the rule “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

something nice

I’m a modern day Aesop

“If you actually have something nice to say, say it quick before you change your mind.”

Quick, say something nice about your parents.

Full Disclosure: I’m Bad at Pregnancy Tests

Full Disclosure is a series in which I admit to things that I shouldn’t be ashamed of, but am anyway.

First, it was Friends:

Monica: Are you sure you peed on the stick right?
Rachel: How many ways are there to do that?


side note: I know Jen's body is just like that, but it seems like they could have done something for Phoebe to make her seem less blah in comparison

side note: I know Jen’s just got it like that, but it seems like they could have fitted Phoebe’s dress better

I was in high school and wouldn’t need a pregnancy test for years, so I laughed along with the rest of America. Of course there’s no wrong way to pee on a stick!

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Early Morning Anxiety

Some days it takes all I have to get out of bed in the morning.

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Breaking News: Fruits & Vegetables Are Good For You

“I’m going to the grocery store later. Do you need anything?” should have been a simple enough question from my dad.

Tom and I shrugged at each other and said “no thanks”. We do our own grocery shopping, which consists of yellow Gatorade and beer for our mini fridge, because we basically live in a dorm room. Any meals that we eat at home are lovingly prepared by Daddy.

Daddy started to walk away but then said, “You know, there’s always fresh fruit in the basket downstairs. You really should be eating more fruit, both of you.”

I blinked, hoping that he didn’t actually require a response to this little life lesson.

He continued, “Really, I’m serious. You should be having fruit with every meal. Fruits and vegetables, those are the best thing for you.”

wonka veggie meme
“Ok, bye” was my only response. We walked past Daddy and out the door.
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Project Optimism: Rewrite!

I had kind of a stressful weekend. But this is Project Optimism so I’m focusing on the positive.

Yesterday, a couple of Amanda’s and my writer-friends gathered to help us punch up our pilot script. After reading the script and listening to general impressions, we realized that we pretty much have to write the script over from the beginning (a “page one rewrite” as we say in the biz).

But I’m not discouraged. I’m energized. I couldn’t believe how many writers we were able to gather with not much notice; as well as the interest and energy that they were willing to put into our project, in which they have no particular stake.

Furthermore, their ideas were really good. It showed that they got our characters but just want us to do more with them. And the fact that everyone mostly agreed makes me believe they’re on to something.

Also, we have a director! He’s experienced and seems to get our vision, so I think it’s going to be good.

Still trying to nail down a location but should start shooting in a couple weeks. :)

Feeling grateful for all the support and interest everyone has shown. And those who signed up to volunteer, we haven’t forgotten about you! Your day will come… soon.

Oh and also, when I got a flat tire on my way home, my husband swooped in like an everyday superhero and saved me.

Who’s gone the extra mile for you lately?

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Keep Calm and Carry On

I didn’t know that our lives had changed forever.

I returned from badminton, the only PE class I could get into as a freshman. As I had done the previous Tuesday, I quickly got ready to shower and hurry to my next class.

As I grabbed my towel, my roommate Peggy came in to tell me some terrible news. Something about a plane crash. I tuned out. Peggy was really into the news and I was just into myself.

“That’s horrible!” I said, generically, and headed for the bathroom.

In the shower, something hit me. Did she say “…hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center?”


the beginning of the end

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Super Best Friends Productions: Webseries Update

Author’s note: I know that ‘webseries’ is supposed to be two words, but I’m trying to make it one. Ok?

As I mentioned, my super best friend Amanda and I are working on a webseries. Today, I’m ready to reveal the premise.

One word: bocce.

Or, two words: bocce ball.

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Not Everything Happens For A Reason

Yesterday I wrote about blessings in disguise. Sometimes, something that seems bad can turn out to be a good thing. Note, I do not believe this is the case for everything.

I ended yesterday’s post by asking, “Do you buy into the theory that there’s a reason for everything?”

Spoiler alert: I don’t buy into this theory.

Boston marathon bombing not everything happens for a reason

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