Project Optimism: So, I Lost My Phone

funny-lost-phone-silent-modeFriday after improv, a couple of us went out to karaoke. Since two hours is never enough karaoke, I missed the 1:40 train. So, I was forced to hang out and drink until 4am. Tough times.

Flash forward: I wake up at 5:21 am in Huntington. The train is sitting in the station, empty. Any true Long Islander can tell you what that’s like, and also what happens next: you hear the “Beep Beep Beep” of death, the doors close and you have to frantically fly around the train trying to find a conductor to let you off before you end up at the yard.

This knowledge in mind, I jumped up and fled the train. This was when I lost my phone.

It was mid-day Saturday before I remembered I could track my phone on Guess where it was?

phone map

Under the East River. More specifically, still on the train. A couple minutes later it showed up at the West Side Yard.

Without many options, I did what anyone would do: took an afternoon trip to wine country with the folks. When we got back a couple hours later, guess where my phone was? Still on the freaking train.

So, I took a stab at resourcefulness. Using the location, time, and train schedule, I deduced that my phone was heading to Babylon. Tom kindly dropped me off a couple stops before Babylon and I proceeded to search the entire train, running between cars at the stops.

I didn’t find it. :( There were still beer cans and garbage on the train from the early morning drunks (like myself) and the train was too big, and my battery had just died.

But you know what? It didn’t kill my optimism and here’s why:

1. I had just backed up my phone last week for the first time ever so I hardly lost anything.

2. My contract was up anyway, so I got the new iPhone. And the awesome Mophie case, which includes back up power.

3. When backing up my phone from the cloud, I discovered that Apple let me download every song I ever purchased, even the ones that were accidentally deleted from my iTunes years ago.

“Wow, sounds like losing your phone was the best thing that ever happened to you.”
-My sister, Amy, experienced phone misplacer

4. Before this, I hadn’t lost my phone in five years. So I had a pretty good run.

5. I had so much fun at karaoke on Friday that it was almost worth it. Really, Jill? It was worth $400 at the Verizon store for a fun night out? I said “almost”.

sometimes people don't pass you the mic and you're forced to sing into your beer

sometimes people don’t pass you the mic and you’re forced to sing into your beer

When’s the last time you lost a phone?
Maybe you should try it more often.

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  1. I somehow lost a cell phone in my dorm room my first semester at grad school. Funny thing was I lived in a single and wasn’t there when I moved out.

  2. Hmmm…I think I’m going to try losing my phone this weekend. Does that mean no one can get a hold of me until I replace it? Like, I’ll have quiet time?

    Fab new case, and bottle microphone ;)
    Stephanie recently posted…Things I’ve Learned from NaBloPoMo with a Side of OptimismMy Profile

  3. 1. I LOVE your blog banner.

    2. I had no idea you could track your phone like this.

    3. I hope for an ounce of your optimism later this week, when I plan on losing my mind.

    • Thanks Jules :) I made it out of Microsoft clipart when I first started on Blogger, and never got around to updating it.

      I’m torn because I don’t want you to lose your mind, but I do want to read about it…

  4. I might have to go to iCloud now. It makes so much sense.

    I heard that if your phone is ever under the East River and you get it back you’re supposed to put it in a bag of rice. That either dries out the guts of it, or makes a lovely pilaf.
    omawarisan recently posted…I Did Not Shoot My Eye Out And I Like What I SeeMy Profile

  5. I never lose my phone. I am attached to it. Like life and death. I even had a cord surgically implanted into a rib and attached to my phone so it never leaves my side!
    Phil recently posted…Why Make The Rat Race Worse Than It Is?My Profile

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