Daddyism #7

April Fool’s! I forgot to do a Daddyism on the first. It’s my blog so I say I can do it late:

“I don’t need ambience.”

Tom, Daddy and I wait for our food at the Mediterranean Snack Bar.

Daddy: I’m going to tell them to bring out all the food at once. I don’t need a big production, you know? It’s like, I go to these places that want to make dinner a big event. I don’t need ambience. I don’t need formality. I’m here to eat. I just want to eat my food and go home.


  1. alice murphy says:

    Have you suggested take out?

  2. Damn, the man just wants to eat! Just hand him a shovel and have at it!
    Phil recently posted…If you ever want to eat a cow, this is the place to go!My Profile

  3. They make a big production at a snack bar?

    Is it that he doesn’t expect much from a big production or that those particular Mediterraneans don’t understand the concept of a snack bar?
    omawarisan recently posted…Color Guards. Respectful Or Dangerous?My Profile

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