Shoes And The City

I can’t really wear heels. Have I mentioned that?

Today’s the first day of the year above 70 degrees (22? celsius? it’s impossible to know for sure) in New York and that means everyone’s walking around in their Carrie Bradshaw heels, all…

carrie bradshaw peacock purse shoes satc SATC_Carrie_Bradshaw Carrie-Bradshaw newspaper dress shoes Carrie-Bradshaw24

And I’m over here like…

cute sneakers though, right?

cute sneakers though, right?

Since I refuse to wear a skirt with sneakers a la Working Girl, I guess I’m wearing pants until I can figure out what my comfortable shoe for the summer will be.

girlfriend pulls it off though

girlfriend pulls it off though

What’s worse is that I freaking love shoes. My facebook profile still says “I wear unbearably painful shoes in the name of fashion.”, which I blatantly do not.

one glaring error

one glaring error

At some point I just realized that wearing heels always made me cranky, and that I, personally, looked more in pain than cute when I wore them.

I haven’t brought myself to remove it from my profile yet because I haven’t really come to terms with not being who I used to be anymore. Pathetic, maybe, but that’s for another day.

Incidentally, my friends are going to this shoe exhibit at FIT tonight and I can’t go because responsibilities.

I guess rather than wearing cute shoes or studying fancy shoes, I’ll stare at my sad little shoe desk calendar, which, out of the ordinary, is showing me a particularly ugly shoe today:

photo (10)

couldn’t they predict it would be perfect weather today?

I guess the moral of the story is: if your feet let you wear heels, go out and strut (while it’s still nice out).

Just for fun (contains mild to loud cursing):

I can’t believe this video is six years old.

What’s your symbol of the season?


  1. I, too, have given up on heels. Blog post to come.
    Tragic Sandwich recently posted…10 Things That Make Me Feel Like a SuperheroMy Profile

  2. SarahJean says:


  3. I just wrote a super long comment about this and you and how you’re my guilty pleasure over coffee every morning, but I’m not smart enough to have written it in the proper place and so I deserve to have to write it all over again.
    I used to wear 6.5 inch heels, but then I married a man who is an inch shorter than me and had two of his babies and now I’m all flip flops, all the time.
    And I’m secretly jealous of people who like to run.
    Thank you for having secret coffee with me every morning.
    Anita recently posted…Colour Me HappyMy Profile

  4. I am not a heel wearer either. I like my comfortable, albeit ugly, shoes. No bunions for me! My symbol of the season? Hmm, not sure, but I guess I do put my ugly winter shoes away and transition over to sandals, which are still comfort-first but at least cuter.
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Pantsers, Outliners, And Chapter One ParalysisMy Profile

  5. Girlfriend does NOT pull it off.

    That is one ugly shoe on your calendar.

    And I feel your tennis shoe pain. I so badly want to rock the heels and then I wear them just for a few hours (like this past weekend at a baby shower) and want to gnaw off my feet at the ankles. So, I just have, like, bedazzled flip flops that make me feel feminine and springy.
    Stephanie recently posted…Oversharing: Why Dairy Queen Didn’t Treat Me Right (and Why I’ll Never Look at Subway the Same)My Profile

    • Bedazzled flip flops are awesome! I can’t really wear them around here though because the city is dirty :( Ah, to live in the shadow of the greatest city in the world…

      Lol way harsh on Melanie Griffith. There was totally a wave of commuters that rocked that look in the 80s, following this movie, including my mom (I have pictures to prove it muahahaha).

  6. Just remember, fashion is pain. Time to rock the heels and short skirts ladies. Spring is here.

    That, or just go barefoot but watch out for the dog poop!
    Phil recently posted…Cheesy Fun in Mystical New Jersey!My Profile

  7. Rachel Brandel says:

    I’m so glad to hear you’re admitting defeat in this arena. I was starting to feel like the only one in our group that’s an old fart who can’t wear heels anymore. Aside from Peggy who has always been old. Love you, peg! We have to start finding you some semi-flats that you can rock.

    • Yeah I just know if I wear bad shoes it ruins my whole night. But I can’t wear flats either. Or most sandals. If only I could wear boots all year round. Or if only sneakers were appropriate for all occasions. Or if only grandma shoes would come into style.


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