Earl Grey & Lavender


I have in my cabinet a tin of Twinings Lavender Earl Grey tea that my bridesmaid Maria brought over from London when she came for my wedding. (Maria, I don’t know if you intended to give me the whole tin, but I ended up with it.) It’s cold and rainy in New York today so I needed my tea.

she prob won't like this pic but I love it

she prob won’t like this pic but I love it

The sight and smell of the tea reminds me of my wedding weekend, of having my 13 bridesmaids and three hairdressers crammed into my three-room adjoining suite (now you understand why I’m broke and living at home). Of all the pink and yellow, the pretty flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, my mom and sister, my aunts stopping in to chat.

wedding morning

The feeling of excitement, of having all the people I love in one location. And also the feeling of exhaustion, of waking up at 4am and crying because I couldn’t get my contacts in, until my pseudo-step-brother blissfully brought me a giant McDonald’s iced tea.


very first photo of the day, perfect

And then realizing I’m starving and having my bridesmaid Jenny daintily pop mini-muffins in my mouth without touching my lips, lest I mess up my makeup.

the feeding

the feeding

Lavender and Earl Grey individually are two of my favorite smells.

Lavender reminds me of the weeks leading up to my wedding, having my bridesmaids, my sister, my mom, Tom’s best woman, and Tom all around my mom’s dining room table, trying to figure out how to roll paper cones to be stuffed with lavender. And then later: how to seal them so the lavender doesn’t just fall everywhere.

the result

the result

I love those memories of the excitement leading up to my wedding. Of planning and crafting and especially spending time with my mom.

Earl Grey reminds me of our honeymoon, a couple months later. Having only recently discovered how much I love Earl Grey, I would make myself a cup every morning at breakfast. I would pour it over ice and throw a lemon in it, as Tom and I sat on the deck of the ship, looking out at the view, which was sometimes Naples, sometimes Venice, sometimes just water. And I would eat my lox, tomato and cream cheese on a mini bagel, drink my tea, and soak in the heat as we talked about our plans for the day.

our first port, Toulon

our first port, Toulon

2012 was a good year.

I can’t believe my first anniversary is almost here (and I haven’t sent my thank you cards yet!)

Tom, the traditionalist, wants to go with the “paper anniversary” and (of course) already got me something, so now I have to think of something brilliant and meaningful, yet that doesn’t add further clutter to our house.

We’re fighting, since yesterday, and I hate it. While I do feel that in this case, he’s being unfair and inflexible, God knows the man supports me in every way on all other matters. It’s hard, and I’m torn between anger and guilt.

2012 was a good year.

What was your favorite year?
(Also, randomly the theme on DWTS this week.)

*All wedding photos by Lindsay Buckley, now blogging about her travels.


  1. You made me cry. :*( But in a good way. :) The wedding time went so fast & I miss it too! Such a happy whirlwind! There will be so many more happy times – lots of them & memories to go with. I’m so happy we got to do all that fun stuff together… now stop fighting with Tommy!…or tell Tommy I said to stop fighting with you. Love you, angel.

  2. Justine Reilly says:

    Jill it was a beautiful event and one that all involved will always remember. I’d love to get together and watch videos or relive whatever photos etc you have! Happy almost anniversary!


    • That sounds so fun! Do you know we got our video last summer and still haven’t watched it (our moms and sisters have all watched it without us). I guess at this point we’re waiting until our anniversary.

      Is it totally self-indulgent if we have a wedding reminiscing weekend? (Yes but I don’t care.) Would love to relive your wedding also! (Except when I relive it, I won’t be stuck in Holland Tunnel traffic.)

  3. I am a big coffee guy but love Earl Grey tea! Looks like you have some great wedding memories.

    But sheesh, get out those thank you cards already!
    Phil recently posted…Mac & Cheesy Mac & Cheese in Brooklyn!My Profile

  4. You were a BEAUTIFUL bride!!! And I love the shot with the iced tea and Hello Kitty shirt. Nothing says happy wedding day like a deer-in-the-headlights shot ;)

    I put lavender in my bath water. I’m relaxed and sweet smelling once a year–that’s how often I get to take a bath…
    Stephanie recently posted…Saving for a Rainy DayMy Profile

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