Early Morning Anxiety

Some days it takes all I have to get out of bed in the morning.


I’ve never been a morning person. In kindergarten, the first half of the year we had afternoon session, and I loved it. The second half of the year, we had mornings, and I hated it. I remember complaining to my mom that everyone was in a bad mood in the morning, and that all the big kids would get on the bus angry, dragging their backpacks along the floor.

I take the train now and it’s still pretty much like that.

When I wake up too early, I’m struck by anxiety. Something about interrupting my sleep cycle at the wrong time. Whatever concern pops into my head first will be blown extraordinarily out of proportion at 5:40 AM. Things as small as shopping lists, remembering to mail something, how I need to get to the eye doctor…

This morning I was awoken before my alarm by the neighbor’s cat. So I started stressing about the rewrite I’d been so optimistic about.

But the worst thing this morning was that I brewed my tea in my travel mug, and then forgot it on my dresser. This is something that I do 2-3 times a week. Today, it caused me to start crying in the car on the way to the train station. Time to wean off the caffeine maybe?

earl grey sad

Whenever I had a problem, big or small, my mom used to say “Go to bed. It will seem a little better in the morning.” Addendum: “…but not in the early morning.”

Are you an early bird or a night owl?


  1. Night owl. I can stay up for hours and then force myself to go to bed. In the morning I will commit homicide if you bother me before my three cups of coffee!
    Phil recently posted…Go home Spring you’re drunk!My Profile

  2. Currently I am neither. The day should start whenever I wake up, not by me having to be at 8. Also. I use to be a night owl. But lately I’ve noticed when the headlining band doesn’t take the stage by at least 11, instead of having another shot, I’m looking at my watch and sighing. The whole 2.5 kids minivan thing pulls a number on you. :)
    Tracy@CrazyAsNormal recently posted…The One With Fat, Drunk JerryMy Profile

  3. I have exhaustion-induced anxiety, too!! If I don’t get to bed before my brain starts shutting down, I have visions/thoughts about terrible things happening to my kids. I have NO idea why, but I’d like a therapist or someone with a degree (preferably someone who can prescribe me drugs) to figure this out. Maybe we can get a two-for-one rate?
    Stephanie recently posted…Bullying and My MulliganMy Profile


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