Apologies: Let’s Just Get It All on the Table

I have been making an effort not to apologize on my blog lately, but things nag at me. I figured, let’s just get all my apologies done now, rather than have you read a mini-apology with each post. Shall we?

gillie sorry

Dear readers (aka my lovers and friends):

I’m sorry I’ve been posting so much about weddings lately. It was incidental. I know it’s my blog and I can write what I want but just FYI, my intention is not to make this a wedding blog. Although I do think that would be kind of fun.

sadie sorry not sorry awkward

Dear fellow bloggers:

Sorry I’ve been slacking on reading and commenting lately. I love you all but I have just been busy with my own shit lately. Bear with me the next couple weeks.

Dear blog:

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting to promote you lately. I know you’ll be ok. I’m not sorry that I haven’t been obsessing over your stats. Numbers are just, like… numbers, man.

Dear wedding guests:

I’m sorry that 75% of you didn’t get your thank you cards by the already-way-too-late fake one year deadline. I am still working on them and I realize that I’m now officially the worst.


Dear friends:

Sorry for being MIA lately. I do that sometimes but especially when I have  a giant project, which I do now. Soon I will be back and you’ll never even know I was gone.

Dear husband:

Sorry for acting like I’m the only one that’s tired this week. I know you’re up to your eyeballs as well. Love you.

taylor swift sorry

Dear Mommy:

Sorry I never wrapped and gave you your birthday present. I was waiting for a day when Amy and I were both free and that never happened. You’ll get it for Mother’s Day.

Dear body:

Sorry for not getting enough sleep this week and especially sorry for forgetting about that doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Sorry for all the caffeine and for never taking my vitamins and Prevacid like I’m supposed to. Sorry for always taking my birth control at different times of day but your responding with nausea keeps me in line. Sorry for not moisturizing enough. Sorry for the preservatives and food coloring; I’m working on it.


New #FF meaning: Forgiveness Fridays.


  1. Dear Jill, I enjoyed this post. Just so you know, I love reading your blog, I just don’t usually comment because I’m lazy. I’m sorry.

  2. On behalf of other bloggers, no apologies necessary. We get it! And you’re on your way to becoming famous, so we REALLY get it!

    P.S. I think you’re still a fabulous “commenter” for what it’s worth :)
    Stephanie recently posted…Don’t Worry Kids, That’s Just My Gallbladder Exploding. And a GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Nothing to apologize for. It’s called having “a life” !

    Carry on.
    Phil recently posted…Don’t wig out on me man!My Profile


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