Anxiety Dreams

I’ve blogged about my early morning anxiety before.

This morning I woke up 17 minutes before my alarm. I remembered that I’d had a missed call from my uncle and forgotten to call him back. How could I forget? Could I call him now? It was 5:43 on the East Coast. 2:43 where he lives. Probably not. I made a plan to call him at a reasonable hour and managed to fall back asleep.

In the next 17 minutes, I dreamt that I was watching my pseudo-step-sister Jaime’s three boys by myself. The 5 year old Noah was an angel and stayed by my side. The baby Gavin let me hold him the whole time. But 3 year old Dylan kept playfully running away… into traffic.

I’m having a lot of anxiety yesterday and today. I actually feel physically ill. But the positive outcome of that is that I finally scheduled my gall bladder sonogram that I’ve been putting off.

It wasn’t until I was on my way to work that I realized that my uncle had never actually called.

How was your Friday?


  1. My Friday was pretty cool. Easy day at work and then bar hopped and partied around the city with a friend. Hit a speakeasy and half the cast of Mad Men were there.

    Hope you feel better for the weekend.
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  2. Oy, I hear that. I did the same thing this morning, about forgetting to reply to a friend’s text msg (it did actually happen, though). She always texts late at night, and I don’t want to text early in the morning (when I get up and see it), for fear of waking her up.

    Gall bladder troubles? Sorry to hear that, but you don’t need that sucker anyway! (I had mine out many moons ago and the surgery really isn’t bad, if it comes down to that.)
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    • Ha. You’re at least the third blogger I’ve read recently that had her gall bladder out. Is there a correlation?

      I’m the worst with texts because I make a mental note to reply but sometimes I forget. I wish there was a “mark as unread” option.

  3. Whoa! What’s bothering you? Aside from the gallbladder. Something is gnawing at ya; are you nervous to become the next big thing in webseries land? ;) Hope the anxiety passes. Maybe it already did; I’m behind in my reading. Catching up…I’ll be back!
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