Budget Diaries: Shopping Isn’t Fun Anymore

One day a couple months ago, I forgot to wear a suit on a day I had a big meeting. Therefore, I had the very fun occasion of forced shopping.

I got a new suit and a shirt and maybe something extra – who can remember? So, maybe I spent a couple hundred dollars. So what? I got a great suit and I hadn’t been shopping in a month or two. I’m a working woman – I can treat myself!

treat yo self

Flash forward to today: I’m six weeks-ish into my penny pinching budget and I had another occasion for forced shopping. Guess what? It’s not fun anymore.

I’ve never hated Banana Republic so much in my life. And you’re talking to a Luxe cardholder here, ok?

I hate the fun summer clothing, the smug mannequins, and the spoiled jags they represent.

Seriously, who is this asshole and why does she have time to boat all summer?

And yes, then I spoke to the cashier, who told me about how she works this and another retail job and it really put my “problems” in perspective and blah blah blah.

Happy Monday :)


  1. Was that the Project Optimism post? Either way, I empathize & sympathize!

  2. Time for another swap meet? Free shopping!

  3. But the question is: does the cashier boat? If the answer is yes, don’t feel bad for her.
    Stephanie recently posted…Breakfast Burritos Make Me Sick and I Hate Guys That Wear Abercrombie & FitchMy Profile

  4. You won’t catch me dead in a Banana Republic store. Overpriced and too yuppy for my taste. Probably the people who can afford to shop there all the time do take summers off!
    Phil recently posted…Little Branch NYC – take a trip into the rabbit hole Neo.My Profile

  5. “And really put my problems in perspective, blah blah blah.” HA. YES. Now THAT should be a meme. With the boat wear image.
    Go Jules Go recently posted…Deep (Woods) ThoughtsMy Profile

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