I Could Be Murdered at LAX and There Would Be No Witnesses

Ugh, airports, amirite?

I’m currently waiting for my flight. Don’t you hate that?

Don’t you especially hate it when you have to wait 8 hours because you missed your original flight because you thought it was midnight but it was actually 11pm (and your husband had reminded you to forward him your flight info no less than 3 times during the day but you were too busy) but you accidentally got there early enough anyway, but the line was so long because Delta that you missed it and the next flight wasn’t until morning but you couldn’t leave the airport because your dad was being kind of a dick about picking you up and you couldn’t bear to spring for another hotel room because you just paid for one last night when you got locked out of your uncle’s house because everyone went to bed before you came home… so you just sit in an empty terminal, literally, no other passengers and just the occasional cleaning person passing through, with no food available, not even vending machines, for 8 hours?

Yeah, I hate that too.

LAX terminal 6 gate 64A

Note: As I was writing this, some jackass turned off the airport wifi and there was nothing I could do about it. In case you skipped it above, now I must insist: watch John Mulaney.


  1. SarahJean says:

    What an awful end to a trip? Hope the rest of the journey is better.

  2. Empty airports are totally creepy. I always eat awful food when traveling so maybe its better you couldn’t stuff your face with cinnabons ;)
    Kate recently posted…When your boyfriend tries to be observant…My Profile

  3. Oh man, that sucks! At least you didn’t have any chatty weirdos bugging you all night. Nice and empty. I can feel your pain as it’s happned to me.

    No biggie about the food as it usually sucks in airports.
    Phil recently posted…I love The Duck – a trashy weirdo dive bar in NYC!My Profile

    • Ha, I like your bright side attitude.

      The first people arrived at 2am and spoke Spanish. The next people arrived at 4 and spoke Chinese. I would’ve appreciated the melting pot that is LAX if I hadn’t been trying to sleep.

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