Ahh! Crazy Life Stuff!

Hi Lovers & Friends -

I have been dying to update you on exciting things but those exciting things (and other, very annoying things) are getting in the way of my updating you on those things!

I will give you more info soon, but basically, I’ve been…

- Working way too hard at my day job;

- Doing improv stuff;

- Co-writing/co-producing my Bocce Ballers web series! (Trailer coming soon!)

Four months after shooting the pilot, Amanda (the Super Best Friend in our Super Best Friends Productions) and I are finally getting together with our cast to start filming the rest of the season!

It’s been awesome to see our cast again (in person – we’ve seen them plenty while editing). We had half a day of filming yesterday and here’s a couple photos Amanda took of her screen last night…

that's Amanda and me, sittin' pretty

that’s Amanda and me, sittin’ pretty

and our fake husbands, played by Christopher Domig and Matthew Michael Hurley, crying laughing

our husbands, played by Christopher Domig and Matthew Michael Hurley, crying laughing

I can’t wait for you all to “meet” our cast so you can love them as much as I do.

More later! xoxo

What’s your life been getting in the way of?


  1. Cry laughing is always a good sign. Can’t wait to see what’s a’comin’!!!!
    Stephanie recently posted…Oversharing: Baby Fingers, Mommy’s Kisses, and a Date with the Porcelain ThroneMy Profile

  2. Can’t wait to see this all come together. I did get your message and accidently deleted the email you sent nme about the bocce ball league. Please re-send it to me!

    Phil recently posted…Let’s go ballin’ in Brooklyn! Skee Ball Mania in NYC!My Profile

  3. How fantastic that you’ve continued to pursue this. As someone who creates, I know how much work can be involved. Impressive!
    Carrie Rubin recently posted…Positive Reinforcement In Child-Rearing. And A Bit Of Offal…My Profile

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