News Flash: Weekends Are Awesome

I have had so much fun stuff going on that I want to share but I’ve just been too busy. But to summarize, in case you thought something might have changed: weekends are still awesome.

I’ve recently had two incredibly awesome weekends in a row.

Last weekend, my college girlfriends and I met up in Albany for one day to celebrate my bff Rachel’s birthday. We basically relived college for those 24 hours. Sleepover, girl talk, cupcake baking, nature walking, and plenty of food and dancing.

we lived together when we were 20, and we still like each other

we lived together when we were 20, and we still like each other

It was amazing. But then, we abruptly packed up our shit and went home. :(

But then! I got to do filming with the Bocce Ballers cast, as we started on episode 2 even though we’re not yet funded (hint hint). And that was super amazing too. :)

love these guys

love these guys

This most recent weekend, Amanda and I kicked off Friday night by having a (fun) business meeting, then seeing the Stepfathers improv at UCB (so good! go see it!), THEN seeing Don Jon, then editing until 3am (as we do). Saturday, we had improv class, then I broke off to go get my amazing new headshots taken…

shout out to photographer Michael

shout out to photographer Michael!

…and then we met up with some improv friends later to see our friend Bowen’s musical sketch show: Pop Roulette. And even my husband Tom came. And THEN Tom and I went off to my friend Anand’s birthday party and I got to catch up with some grad school friends.

Pop Roulette. I can't even explain how awesome this was. Do yourself a favor and look out for their next show.

Pop Roulette. I can’t even explain how awesome this was. Do yourself a favor and look out for their next show.

Saturday night, Tom and I stayed at a hotel in the city, which was a nice respite from commuting. Then yesterday, we saw Book of Mormon, met up with my improv friends for one more drink, and then took the solemn train ride back to Huntington.

These are all the things I want in life, ok? Hanging out with my friends and husband, and working my ass off at improv and Bocce Ballers. But is it me, or does having an awesome weekend make Monday seem even more depressing?

Don’t answer that. Since I’m counting this as my Project Optimism post, I’ll just end on the note that I’m super, super looking forward to this weekend, which involves a trip to New Orleans with my Argentina girls.

How was your weekend?


  1. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yay for fun day with the college roommies!!

  2. I just had an awesome weekend, too, including going out to a club we didn’t get to until after midnight and staying out dancing until 4:30. It was like I was in college again except Sunday sucked a lot more. Glad you’ve had fun.

  3. Man, you pack a lot into a weekend! Nice head shot too!
    Phil recently posted…More spam craziness! The strangeness never ends!My Profile

  4. Weekends ARE great…and being a voyeur, I loved reading about yours..
    RageMichelle recently posted…Oh, You Were Serious…My Profile

  5. Hotels in the city, weekends in New Orleans, cupcakes with gal pals–can I be your friend?

    P.S. Love the shot (of you, of course!) of the Bocce Ballers :) Everyone looks so happy and is laughing and smiling. Perfect :)
    WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion recently posted…Oversharing: The Time I Said the C-word at a School Assembly.My Profile

  6. Gorgeous new headshot. I need one that is professional and not stupid, like the one I currently have…

    Your life makes me tired. When do you nap?
    WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion recently posted…Explaining Fire Safety To Your Sensitive KidMy Profile

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