Jill Pinnella Corso

jill pinnella corso headshotLife isn’t always like a sitcom.

I’ve always had a special love of the American situation comedy.

The Cosby Show taught me how a family should be. I got some (sketchy) advice on surviving high school from Saved By The BellFriends promised me a life of 20-something excitement in the big apple.

Did my life turn out just like my favorite shows? No. Am I still a happier, funnier person because of them? Yes. Do I always ask myself questions in an attempt to make my writing seem conversational? No. (Sometimes I insert “like”s instead.)

After years of study, I have decided to try my hand at comedy writing, inspired not only by my favorite sitcoms, but also by the unlikely characters and improbable predicaments that fill my real life.

Speaking of which, my blog is about the situation of living with my new husband and my divorced dad, and maybe even the comedy that arises. Get it?

Because life isn’t always like a sitcom. But sometimes it is.