Jill, Not Jillian

Right off the bat, everyone assumes my name is Jillian. (It’s not.)

When I was a kid, I told my mom that I found out she’d named me wrong: Jill is just supposed to be a nickname for Jillian. But my mom has always maintained that Jill is the traditional name and Jillian is something that just burst out of the 80′s like hair accessories at the infamous Arlington Scrunchy Factory Explosion.

Now, thanks to this historical name website, I can assert to my husband and all my other skeptical friends: my mom was (pretty much) right. And Jill is a real name.



And now I just have to deal with the fact that, as a name, Jill is going extinct. I’ve always had a fear of my name being the new ‘Gertrude’.

Play with that website and let me know what you get. It’s fun.

Ten Years Ago Today

I just realized that my passport expired. I took it out this morning, flipped it open, and the first stamp I saw was from Heathrow and dated:

25  JAN  2004

Ten years ago today, I realized, I started my semester abroad in England.
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Baby’s First Anxiety Dream

When I was a about 4 or 5 years old, I had recurring nightmares about Captain Hook. I would be in my house with some combination of my best friends Claudia and Jared, and my cousin Sheila. Whenever any of us uttered a word, Captain Hook would come into the room and chase us. We would run into another room and be very quiet. But eventually, I couldn’t resist the urge to whisper “Don’t say anything or he’ll come…” And with that whisper, he would appear. It didn’t matter how quietly I whispered.

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Gone Fishin’ Again

I know I’m supposed to put up this message before I go away but I thought this was going to be more of a working vacation but it’s turning into more of a distracting vacation and I didn’t get a chance to even tell you I wouldn’t be here, except on facebook, but then I was like what if not everyone follows me on facebook? So, FYI, I didn’t die or quit, just went away. Back soon. Hugsies.

Anxiety Dreams

I’ve blogged about my early morning anxiety before.

This morning I woke up 17 minutes before my alarm. I remembered that I’d had a missed call from my uncle and forgotten to call him back. How could I forget? Could I call him now? It was 5:43 on the East Coast. 2:43 where he lives. Probably not. I made a plan to call him at a reasonable hour and managed to fall back asleep.

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It Was Only a Matter of Time

This was my day today.


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Moves Like Phoebe, Part II

Is there any character in American fiction as great as Phoebe Buffay? Don’t answer that; it’s rhetorical.

Anyway, once I saw a guy running like Phoebe.

Then I came across this gif from the episode where Phoebe attempts to seduce Chandler (because “They don’t know we know they know we know.”)

So, enjoy.

phoebe dancing gif

Be the Star of Your Own Show (In Life)

It hits me once in a while. When I overhear a bit of someone else’s conversation and her life sounds more interesting than mine. When a friend tells me about something cool that she’s done since I’ve seen her, involving people I don’t even know. Or, in a different way, when a self-absorbed friend takes something random and makes it all about her.

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I’m Busy Right Now

If you’re new here, you should know that my life and brain are currently wrapped up in this original web pilot that I’m filming, about bocce. You can read a little about it here. (The pendulum is currently swinging back from ecstatic toward stressed, but it’s all good.)


We have a saying in my family:

“I’m busy right now.”

Usually said while filing one’s nails, checking facebook, or just sitting. It’s just kind of a joke that we say when we don’t feel like doing something.
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Overheard in New York (…in the course of a day)

Yesterday, I had the New Yorkiest day ever.

I left my office job and went to the table reading of my web pilot (seriously, how New York is that sentence?) Not enough? I ordered us up a couple cheese pies on Seamless. More? Then I couldn’t get a cab to Penn Station so I had to walk. Boom.

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