Baby’s First Anxiety Dream

When I was a about 4 or 5 years old, I had recurring nightmares about Captain Hook. I would be in my house with some combination of my best friends Claudia and Jared, and my cousin Sheila. Whenever any of us uttered a word, Captain Hook would come into the room and chase us. We would run into another room and be very quiet. But eventually, I couldn’t resist the urge to whisper “Don’t say anything or he’ll come…” And with that whisper, he would appear. It didn’t matter how quietly I whispered.

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Ahh! Crazy Life Stuff!

Hi Lovers & Friends -

I have been dying to update you on exciting things but those exciting things (and other, very annoying things) are getting in the way of my updating you on those things!

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Project Optimism: Why Not?

I wasn’t going to post project optimism today because, ugh, Monday, you’re killing me. Enough.

But in the end, husband Tom aka Saint Tom comes through with this photo and the text “project optimism?”


Remember that time I got a parking ticket? NYC actually accepted my not-guilty plea. Does that ever happen?

Thank you universe (and NYC Department of Taxation)! I needed a win today.

How was your Monday?

My First Blogiversary!

One year ago today, I posted this…

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Buffalo! Who Knew?

Remember how last week I was complaining about the cold and renewing my vow to get the hell out of New York?

Well then I went and fell in love with Buffalo, of all places. In case you weren’t stalking me on social media this weekend, here’s what you missed.

I forgot to take a picture of the neighborhood but this is our B&B and the rest of Elmwood Village is just as cute. Google image it. photo credit

I forgot to take a picture of the neighborhood but this was our B&B and the rest of Elmwood Village is just as cute. Google image it.
photo credit

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Go Outside and Play

I always get depressed this time of year. My husband (obnoxiously) loves Fall because of pumpkin-flavored everything and his birthday, or whatever.

pumpkin beer + Tom's birthday = happy husband

pumpkin beer + Tom’s birthday = happy husband

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Project Optimism: Here and Now

I was walking from Triple Crown, one of several bars around the Chelsea/Penn Station junction where the improv kids hang out. I was smiling, reflecting on the fun night I’d had at improv class, followed by the unique feeling of bonding over drinks with new friends.

And I got the feeling: someday I will miss this.

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Here’s How I Deal with Bad News

Well, there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll break it to you the way Amanda broke it to me.

“We got the news from the festival… :(”

So, we didn’t get into the TV festival for which we had broken our (bocce*) balls to enter by the deadline.

*hahahaha see, we’re laughing!

robin crying drinking himym

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Spam Mail and Fan Mail

I get a lot of spam comments on this blog. I wish I had time to fully explain all the different types of spam and how dumb the comments are but, suffice it to say, there are two basic types that I get:

  • Selling knockoff sunglasses/Chanel/Nikes; and
  • Seemingly random collections of flattering English words.

The latter is worth giving an example of because the comments are sometimes amusing due to the utter confusion they induce. This comment was from my dear friend, who goes by the name “Lawyers”.

This really is i’m looking for. This is exactly what We refer to top quality. The details provided here is to the most. I must state you will need place in your time within showing each one of these content material with each other. They’re matched together with your market. I am going to endorse those to everybody and then to them of my personal acquaintances. We will return here to examine the caliber of do the trick. Thanks for creating this unique occur.

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Time Management Fail

Don’t you hate those people that say, “I’m always late” like they have no control over the matter? Like it’s a chronic illness with which they are afflicted?

I don’t hate it, actually, because I can relate. But I cringe when I hear my own mouth once again say, casually, “Sorry I’m late!” and then try to jump into the meeting hoping I didn’t miss anything.

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