Shoes And The City

I can’t really wear heels. Have I mentioned that?

Today’s the first day of the year above 70 degrees (22? celsius?┬áit’s impossible to know for sure) in New York and that means everyone’s walking around in their Carrie Bradshaw heels, all…

carrie bradshaw peacock purse shoes satc SATC_Carrie_Bradshaw Carrie-Bradshaw newspaper dress shoes Carrie-Bradshaw24

And I’m over here like…

cute sneakers though, right?

cute sneakers though, right?

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Things I Don’t Tell My Dentist

When I was 22, I went to my family dentist with a chipped tooth. My mom started explaining and making excuses for me.

“I was drunk.”, I summarized. Dr. Traffley was amused and I couldn’t understand why my mom was embarrassed.

bridesmaids drunk

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Why I Hate Twitter (But Will Continue to Use It)

I was a relatively early adopter of twitter. It was probably 2007 when I joined, because I heard Elvis Duran and the Morning Show talking about celebrity tweets, and I thought “I can know what John Mayer is up to at all times? Cool.”

apparently this is called the hipster barista meme *the more you know*

apparently this is called the hipster barista meme
*the more you know*

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NYC: Where’s The Pizza And Bagels?

What foods to you think of when you think of New York? Survey says!…


screenshot of Family Feud Game from this website for cheaters

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