Back Home Sitcom: The Veggie Trials Continue

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Daddy, Jill and Tom are having dinner.

Make sure you get some salad. You
know, you should be eating fruits
and vegetables with every meal.

Oh, really? You’ve never told
me that before.

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Project Optimism: A Vow Renewal Of Sorts

Yesterday was Tom’s and my first anniversary. As per tradition, we ate year-old cake:

moved from one freezer to another during Hurricane Sandy
credit: Tom via Instagram

It sort of tasted like several-days-old cake. Not bad but a little stale. Tom thought it was fine but neither of us ate much of it. The sugar flowers were good though.

We also watched our wedding video for the first time. We received it about ten months ago but we didn’t get around to watching it for a while and at a certain point, I guess we decided might as well wait until our anniversary.

I hope to watch it every year on our anniversary because (a) the cinematography is awesome; (b) it’s a reminder of a fun day; and (c) it’s a reminder of the vows we made.

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Project Optimism: The Wedding I’d Hoped to Avoid

Well, Tom’s family, if you’ve arrived here, you might as well know: I didn’t want to go to the Virginia wedding this weekend. Not because I actually didn’t want to go, but because I had something very important to do in New York.

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Breaking News: Fruits & Vegetables Are Good For You

“I’m going to the grocery store later. Do you need anything?” should have been a simple enough question from my dad.

Tom and I shrugged at each other and said “no thanks”. We do our own grocery shopping, which consists of yellow Gatorade and beer for our mini fridge, because we basically live in a dorm room. Any meals that we eat at home are lovingly prepared by Daddy.

Daddy started to walk away but then said, “You know, there’s always fresh fruit in the basket downstairs. You really should be eating more fruit, both of you.”

I blinked, hoping that he didn’t actually require a response to this little life lesson.

He continued, “Really, I’m serious. You should be having fruit with every meal. Fruits and vegetables, those are the best thing for you.”

wonka veggie meme
“Ok, bye” was my only response. We walked past Daddy and out the door.
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Project Optimism: Rewrite!

I had kind of a stressful weekend. But this is Project Optimism so I’m focusing on the positive.

Yesterday, a couple of Amanda’s and my writer-friends gathered to help us punch up our pilot script. After reading the script and listening to general impressions, we realized that we pretty much have to write the script over from the beginning (a “page one rewrite” as we say in the biz).

But I’m not discouraged. I’m energized. I couldn’t believe how many writers we were able to gather with not much notice; as well as the interest and energy that they were willing to put into our project, in which they have no particular stake.

Furthermore, their ideas were really good. It showed that they got our characters but just want us to do more with them. And the fact that everyone mostly agreed makes me believe they’re on to something.

Also, we have a director! He’s experienced and seems to get our vision, so I think it’s going to be good.

Still trying to nail down a location but should start shooting in a couple weeks. :)

Feeling grateful for all the support and interest everyone has shown. And those who signed up to volunteer, we haven’t forgotten about you! Your day will come… soon.

Oh and also, when I got a flat tire on my way home, my husband swooped in like an everyday superhero and saved me.

Who’s gone the extra mile for you lately?

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Earl Grey & Lavender


I have in my cabinet a tin of Twinings Lavender Earl Grey tea that my bridesmaid Maria brought over from London when she came for my wedding. (Maria, I don’t know if you intended to give me the whole tin, but I ended up with it.) It’s cold and rainy in New York today so I needed my tea.

she prob won't like this pic but I love it

she prob won’t like this pic but I love it

The sight and smell of the tea reminds me of my wedding weekend, of having my 13 bridesmaids and three hairdressers crammed into my three-room adjoining suite (now you understand why I’m broke and living at home). Of all the pink and yellow, the pretty flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, my mom and sister, my aunts stopping in to chat.

wedding morning

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My Hairstyle Icons: An (Embarrassing) History

The 70s had Farrah Fawcett. The 80s had Pat Benatar. What will be my generation’s legacy?

I took a look at the hairstyle icons I’ve emulated over my life, and the results were at least a little embarrassing…

my very first hair icon

my very first hair icon

“Not even three years old, she knew that yellow hair is king.”
-Tina Fey

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Daddyism #7

April Fool’s! I forgot to do a Daddyism on the first. It’s my blog so I say I can do it late:

“I don’t need ambience.”

Tom, Daddy and I wait for our food at the Mediterranean Snack Bar.

Daddy: I’m going to tell them to bring out all the food at once. I don’t need a big production, you know? It’s like, I go to these places that want to make dinner a big event. I don’t need ambience. I don’t need formality. I’m here to eat. I just want to eat my food and go home.

Bad Days Don’t Always Start In The Morning

Yesterday, 7pm, I was riding the train home, stressing about one of my scripts (due to Will Smith today) and how I can make it funnier.

Amanda (founding partner of Super Best Friends Productions) called me and I started stressing more, thinking about all that we have to do on that project.

Then my mom called and asked if I could come over. This is unusual. I said yes but I had to check with Tom.

bad day 1

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Back Home Sitcom: The New Neighbors

I was inspired by this Go Jules Go post about neighbors and thinking how awkward it would be to introduce myself to our new neighbors. Note: this hasn’t actually happened but I’m pretty sure it’s how it would go.


Jill knocks on the front door. MARSHA (late 20s, pretty, hyperactively cheerful) answers. Both women speak at the same time.

   Hello.        Hi, I’m–

Nervous laughter.

Hi, I’m Jill, your neighbor.
I just wanted to welcome
you to the neighborhood.

That is so sweet! Come in.

Jill enters the house.

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