Mommy’s House

Who can resist a look in someone else’s house? I used to live at street level on Mott Street, so trust me: no one. It was like living in a freaking store window…

My mom’s house is precious, as we say in my family. In fact, we say precious (adj.), preciousness (noun), or preciousing (verb).  As in: “Mommy is preciousing up her dining room.” or, the more general: “How precious.” (to be said in a mocking tone).

This is a good example of preciousness…


precious dolls and dishes above the precioused out window

Here’s the dining room…

And one of several wine racks….


ok, I bought the gourds so maybe I have a little precious in me
Living room…
still using the summer pillows – the winter pillows are much scratchier :(

The small but precious backyard…

the grill cover is Cutie’s

Plus her house comes with precious cats like this…


Or this….


Or these….

ok, so it’s the same two cats
Mommy’s house is my favorite place to be. It’s always clean and organized, and filled with good food and family and girly movies.

But now… we’re off to Daddy’s, which as we know from the preview is not so precious. To be honest, I don’t even fully know what I’m getting into. I’ll keep you updated.

Pier What-the-F

I’m blogging about Pier 1. This is my life now.

Last Sunday, I actually had a whole day to just relax and maybe even get some writing done. So, of course, I got bored.

Tom wouldn’t go to the library with me because he was out of clean clothes. (Should I do something about that? Eh, he’ll figure it out.)

Finally, I just needed to go somewhere. And there’s a Pier 1 right here so…

Three natural reactions to Pier 1:

1. Some people have too much time and/or money and/or space on their hands.

credit                                                credit

According to Pier 1′s website, these are called decorative spheres. So it’s like a whole thing.

No offense to anyone that might love decorative spheres and think they’re the best thing ever, but my mom doesn’t even own any of these and she has different couch pillows for different seasons.

2. I can’t wait to have a house, or a home office, or just a room.

super cute wall applique that will make my future home office extra girly

you can’t tell but this clock is super giant and I want it

3. Uck, that is bleak.

There’s a lot of stationery and cocktail napkins with “funny” sayings on them.

must exit suburbs immediately!!!

My big haul:

for the girl with too little time and/or money and/or space

Pocket nail files! 48 cents, y’all! Maybe the smallest purchase in Pier 1 history.
And in conclusion:

Pier 1 embodies everything that is good and bad about the suburbs. And I lovate them for that (excellent new word stolen from saradraws).