Five Annoying Things About Producing

As I’ve mentioned, I’m working on an independent web pilot with my friend/partner Amanda.

Neither of us have produced anything before. I don’t know if other producers have these problems. I don’t know if these will even seem like real problems in a couple weeks. But here are the five biggest things that are on my nerves right now.

1. Rewrites

actual text from our draft. don't judge. I'm playing Kristen and Amanda is Lindsey.

actual text from our current draft. don’t judge.
I’m playing Kristen and Amanda is Lindsey.

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Full Disclosure: I’m Bad at Pregnancy Tests

Full Disclosure is a series in which I admit to things that I shouldn’t be ashamed of, but am anyway.

First, it was Friends:

Monica: Are you sure you peed on the stick right?
Rachel: How many ways are there to do that?


side note: I know Jen's body is just like that, but it seems like they could have done something for Phoebe to make her seem less blah in comparison

side note: I know Jen’s just got it like that, but it seems like they could have fitted Phoebe’s dress better

I was in high school and wouldn’t need a pregnancy test for years, so I laughed along with the rest of America. Of course there’s no wrong way to pee on a stick!

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Super Best Friends Productions: Webseries Update

Author’s note: I know that ‘webseries’ is supposed to be two words, but I’m trying to make it one. Ok?

As I mentioned, my super best friend Amanda and I are working on a webseries. Today, I’m ready to reveal the premise.

One word: bocce.

Or, two words: bocce ball.

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Project Optimism: Eastsiders Webseries

Eastsiders is premiering April 23 on


Check out the preview here.

I would really love it if you could all watch this so we can discuss. I’ve already seen the first three episodes and this show is addictive. It’s sort of like a soap opera but condensed into 10 minutes or like a teen dramedy for adults.

And unlike when I’m watching mainstream TV with my husband*, when I yell “Kiss! Kiss!” they actually do.


but how satisfying would that be, seriously?

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Who Are You People?: A Search Terms Roundup

Reviewing one’s blog statistics can be a real ego boost (“Yay! Thanks for the ratings bump, Kevin Tydlaska!”) or ego killer (“Wahh! Did I weird people out by talking about my Daddy issues?”)

But mostly it’s just confusing. I have an MBA in Marketing and I still can’t figure out exactly who reads, why they read, and how they get here.

Despite my efforts, I can’t predict which posts will land, how many people will see my facebook links, or which time/day is best for posting.
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Project Optimism: Super Best Friends Productions

I mentioned last week that my friend Amanda and I are working on a super secret project.

Since then, we’ve had two meetings of our new company:

super best friends productions

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Project Optimism: Making Life Happen

I started Improv 201 on Friday and, dare I say, the class is even better looking than my 101 class. What’s with that?

“Do I have to get better looking too, as we move up?” I asked my new improv bestie Amanda as we left class.

“No, you’re already good looking.” she answered without missing a beat.

“Right back atcha.” I winked.


proof. sort of.
my camera sucks since I dropped my phone down an elevator shaft (10 months ago)

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Save Happy Endings!

I’m talking about Happy Endings, the ABC comedy, of course.

happy endings group

In the last year or three, sitcoms have been making a comeback. There have been more quality sitcoms than in the several years prior (most of which have been promptly cancelled).

Side note: I felt like a freaking idiot after I bet my friend Jeff that 2011′s Free Agents would last a full season. It was really funny, btw.

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100th Post: Syndication, Here I Come!

Holy shit. I was just sitting here thinking… I think my 100th post is coming up soon. I’d better check when.

It’s today.

100 Posts!

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Don’t Let Envy Make You Jealous

While listening to last week’s Scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting and things that are in’eresting to screenwriters (which I am not but it turns out it’s interesting to other writers too), I was educated by John August on the difference between envy and jealousy.

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